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Belgium will not provide the promised howitzers. The reason is its price | world News

Belgium will not provide the promised howitzers.  The reason is its price |  world News

John Kirby, the former Pentagon press secretary, announced on May 9 that HollandAnd the Belgium And Italy agreed to send the American M-109 howitzer or the German PzH 2000 howitzer to Ukraine – Al Bawaba wrote Army confession. Ukraine I demanded this type of howitzer because it provides mobility on the battlefield and increases ballistic protection. It turns out that Brussels Withdrawing from the promise due to the exorbitant price of the equipment.

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Will NATO learn from the war in Ukraine?

Belgium will not supply Ukraine with the M109 howitzer. The supplier asked for a high price

As noted by the Belgian daily, “De Morgen”“Negotiations with the supplier of the M109 howitzer collapsed due to too high financial expectations. The equipment that the government promised to order Ukraine was to be delivered by the OIP, but, according to the newspaper, the company demanded an exorbitant price.” “She didn’t come,” Defense Minister Ludivine Didonder said.

The Ministry of Defense abandoned the M109 howitzer in 2008. He had 64 of them at that time, and they were all “in perfect condition”. In 2015, 18 of them were sold to Indonesia. However, the rest is 15 thousand. One Euro, bought by the aforementioned OIP concern.

“In April, the government decided to buy back the howitzers and immediately send them to the front in eastern Ukraine,” the newspaper says. However, the ministry did not accept the costs. De Morgen stressed that the government’s decision to sell the equipment early was “a stark example of the lack of interest.” armyAnd it brings ‘ridiculous’ consequences.

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Belgium has so far provided Ukraine with nearly 77 million euros in military aid – 5,000 FNC machine guns, 200 anti-tank weapons and 3,800 tons of fuel.

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The M109 howitzer is still very popular

The M109 howitzer is an American self-propelled artillery system that supports, among other things, the Army from the United States. It was developed in the early sixties. Although it is currently being replaced latest Weapon type, is still very popular. They have been very successful in exporting. About 30 countries bought it. Depending on the version, the M109 howitzer is capable of firing up to 4 rounds per minute. It has a length of 6.61 m, a width of 3.29 m, a height of 3.28 m, and a combat weight of about 24 tons. It can move at a maximum speed of 65 km / h, and its range is almost 400 km.

Polish Krab self-propelled guns (illustration)Ukrainian expert: Polish Krabs will go to the front in Severodonetsk

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