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Belgrade no. out of despair. The disaster in the 90th minute won the Football Champions League

Belgrade no.  out of despair.  The disaster in the 90th minute won the Football Champions League

The start was promising for the Serbs. Ten minutes later they managed to take the initiative. Kang’s defensive midfielder hit the post directly. Fans in the stands held their heads, fast action was a harbinger of upcoming events.

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The beginning of the dream, but Crvina let it go

The hosts pressed and had a simple goal – to make up for the losses in the first goal match. fell in israel result 3: 2 for Maccabi Haifa. After half an hour of playing, the Crvena players found their way into the visitors’ goal. Alexandre Katai moved to the left. He just broke through the goal Maccabi Scored along the line. There, Pisic reached the ball, who sent the ball into the net from the closest distance. carven Thus, she tied the score on the total.

Dynamo Kyiv no longer plays at ód. The club is changing its location

It didn’t take long for the hosts to strike another blow. They took advantage of their opponents losing in the middle of the field and Kanga showed off a vertical pass. Before the penalty area, Pesić backheeled Ivanić, who shot from the left flank, leaving no chance. Goalkeeper. The clock showed the 43rd minute and Crvina looked very confident on their way to the Champions League.

From Hero to Karius. In twelve seconds or so

In injury time, during the corner kick, the homeowners’ goal was moved. the ball After a player intervened, she was behind the finish line. Crvina players immediately indicated that one of the players had sent her off Maccabi. The visitors showed that the defender played the ball and expected another corner kick. English referee Anthony TaylorHowever, the match was stopped and a message appeared that the referee had intervened VAR. It turned out that the Crvina defender’s hand was raised and the ball rebounded and crossed the finish line.

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Dolev Hezeza approached the ball in the eleventh meter. The footballer’s shot was very light. He did not cause problems for the goalkeeper.

After stigmatizing Vladimir Putin, Fenerbahka announced: Exaggerated joy, it's only 20 seconds.After stigmatizing Vladimir Putin, Fenerbahka announced: Exaggerated joy, it’s only 20 seconds.

Golkiper cleared the ball and started a counterattack from the hosts, but they scored a stupid loss. The football was captured by visiting team defender Sundgren. He moved forward and decided to shoot 30 meters away. The blow was so annoying that it missed the interloper, who blocked the goalkeeper’s view. He tried to defend himself, but the ball bounced under his hands and fell into the net. Silence on the field.

The second part of the meeting – boring. The end was just a shock

The guests looked better in the second half. The dressing room gate made confidence in the Israeli players return. However, there were no details of the attacks. Target Maccabi Giving the Israelis the Champions League they crave fell almost at the last possible moment. In the 90th minute, the visitors took a free kick. Pavkov, trying to get the ball out, confuses his goalkeeper and gets into the net.

After the goal, silence reigned on the field again. carven She fired the upgrade even though she played massively for most of the first half. Nothing foreshadowed such a turn of events.

Maccabi Haifa It will be the first club from Israel after a long break in this competition. In the 2015/2016 season, Maccabi Tel Aviv was promoted to the group stage. Then the champion of Israel at that time lost all matches.

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Objectives: Besic 27′, Ivanic 43′ – Sundgren 45 + 5′, Pavkov 90′ (single)

Composition of Crvenej zvezda: Borjan – Erakovi, Dragovi, Milunovi, Rodić (84′ Sanogo) – Kanga (53′ Kangwa), Srnić, Bukari (84′ Mustapha), Katai, Ivanić – Pesić (78′ Pavkov).

Maccabi Haifa formation: Cohen – Sundgren, Plani, Goldberg, Haziza, Lavi, Mohamed, Cornud, Chery (90 + 3′ Gershon) – Pierrot, David (72′ Atzili).

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