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Best for home. Biggest Black Friday savings


Partner material: media expert

The time has come that all smartly calculating buyers have been waiting for. Black Friday offers allow you to get branded household appliances at a price of several hundred zlotys less. This Friday may be the best shopping day of the year.

We can’t buy the cheapest things. This is a paradox known to every conscious consumer. Is it better to buy shoes cheaper or three times more expensive? After all, they are both the same thing. Yes, at least at the time of purchase. However, from a time perspective, it is different. Shoes are three times more expensive, made with care, with better materials that will serve us well for five or even ten years. And much cheaper? If they serve two seasons, it will be a huge success. Buy cheaper, we have to change shoes often. And it’s not worth it at all.

The same goes for other purchases. It’s really worth paying more for something that’s better made, more durable, and less likely to fall apart. Fortunately, there are such moments as “Black Friday” – the day of the biggest promotions and discounts in stores for the year. If a person is just waiting for him to buy high-quality household equipment at a good price, he should pay special attention to the very attractive Media Expert offer.

PLN 300 cheaper

The smallest promotions for branded home appliances are no less attractive. This is because it is about such a wonderful, universal and multifunctional appliance, like a washer and dryer Electrolux Perfect Care 700. Why buy a washer and dryer separately when you can have both functions in one appliance? Electrolux will wash up to 10 kg of clothes and dry up to 6 kg in the drum! And he does both perfectly. And even at the same time thanks to the DualCare system, which first washes and then dries instantly, constantly monitoring the type and condition of fabrics. Additional technical innovations adapt cycle time to load weight and steam refresh dry clothes to smooth out wrinkles and reduce the need for ironing. It’s also worth noting that the SwissCare certified filter system removes up to 99.99% of dirt during washing and drying. bacteria and mites. On any other day, such a cool device costs money 3299 Polish zlotysbut on the Black Friday special you can buy them PLN 2,999.00 PLN.

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PLN 450 cheaper

It’s easy to fall in love with cordless vacuum cleaners. You only have to try it once and you’ll never want to go back to a corded vacuum again. And which company probably produces the best equipment of this type? Of course Dyson. And just wonderful Dyson V15 revealed Now on “Black Friday” to buy not for the usual 3299 Polish zlotysAnd just for Polish zlotys 2849.00 Polish zlotys. With its patented cyclone technology, it has unbeatable suction power, and the Motorbar electric brush won’t miss even the slightest pollen on the ground. Thanks to the advanced multi-stage filtration system, all this pollen will be collected in a large container. In addition, this device can work continuously for an hour thanks to the high-capacity battery. With such a device, vacuuming will no longer be a stressful task.

Image credit: © | Naomi Hibbert


PLN 550 cheaper

There is probably no better and cheaper time to buy your coveted espresso machine in the next 12 months. Philips LatteGo 5400 usually cost 3199 Polish zlotysbut this Black Friday you can actually take home 2644 Polish zlotys! And then all that remains is to enjoy delicious, aromatic coffee prepared in 12 different ways from select beans ground in a highly durable ceramic grinder. This machine will take care of the perfect temperature and aroma itself, but will also allow you to adjust the brewing settings in the options for a more advanced home barista. In addition, it is made in such a way that its elements are easy to wash in the dishwasher and that limescale does not settle in it.

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PLN 600 cheaper

An excellent name-brand refrigerator for less than half a thousand? Such a promotion was prepared on “Black Friday” by Media Expert for the model Samsung RB38T602EB1. This is a large refrigerator that would be very roomy even without the innovative SpaceMax system, which provides a more spacious interior. The freezer has a capacity of 114 liters, and the refrigerator itself – as much as 276 liters. Everything will fit here thanks to the new thermal insulation technology, which makes the walls of the device much thinner. The all-around cooling system ensures even cooling, and the No Frost feature prevents the formation of frost and ice. This stylish luxury refrigerator is energy efficient and extremely quiet, with internal shelves that can be customized to suit your needs. And the most important thing is that the heart of the whole device, i.e. the compressor, is covered by a 10-year warranty! Even though this fridge sits on the floor, it’s definitely a high-end piece of equipment to have on Black Friday. for PLN 2299, although it usually costs PLN 2899!

Cheaper than PLN 700!

yes. You can save a lot by purchasing a very good smart dryer Samsung Optimal Dry AI Control. usually cost 3399 Polish zlotys. Now, it’s only on Black Friday 2699 Polish zlotys! This energy-saving device of class A +++ works on the principle of a heat pump – its energy consumption is minimal compared to classic dryers. It also has a set of independent sensors that monitor the condition of the items being dried and, if applicable, shorten the cycle time, resulting in greater energy savings. Samsung dries quickly, precisely, wrinkle-free, and gets rid of all impurities thanks to its advanced filters. Of course, it can also be played via the app on your phone. It’s a great choice for everyone who wants to pay lower electricity bills and take care of the environment.

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Partner material: media expert

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