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Bethesda has not apologized to the players. Pete Heinz Explains – He’s Sorry PlayStation Fans Are Sad

Bethesda has not apologized to the players.  Pete Heinz Explains - He's Sorry PlayStation Fans Are Sad

Global media presented the words of Bethesda’s Senior Vice President of Global Marketing, who was apologizing to PlayStation fans for the exclusivity of Xbox games. Pete Haynes decided to explain his words and is only sorry.

Microsoft does not intend to release new Bethesda games on PlayStation, which is not surprising, but there is no shortage of negative opinions about the move. A topic in recent days commented on by Pete Heinz, from Words are misinterpreted.

Even under the above post, there were many messages from Xbox brand fans that Pete Hines shouldn’t apologize to gamers because exclusivity is normal. Insomniac Games didn’t apologize to anyone when Spider-Man hit only Sony consoles.

Even an interested person noticed the media movement and a Bethesda representative decided to take the floor. Pete Haynes made it clear that he didn’t really apologize for being an exclusive because he doesn’t have to, and he sees PlayStation fans upset and he’s sorry.

One thing is for sure – the topic of exclusives to Bethesda titles will be coming back frequently. The lack of new views from IPs like The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Wolfenstein, Dishonored or DOOM on PlayStation 5 can be a big problem for some players.

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