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Bethesda understands PlayStation gamers are ‘resenting’ the privacy of games, but there’s nothing they can do

Bethesda understands PlayStation gamers are 'resenting' the privacy of games, but there's nothing they can do

Bethesda representatives are bolder on the issue of exclusivity and the creation of titles for Xbox and PC. This week, Todd Howard commented on “giving up on PlayStation”, which he confirmed thanks to the decision indicated. Production will be betterAnd now Pete Haynes, Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications at Bethesda, has given his say.

The topic of Xbox and PC exclusives was included during an interview with GameSpot editors – Pete Haynes emphasized that he understood society’s frustration:

“If you are a huge fan of the things we do in the industry, our games, which are no longer available on your platform, I totally understand, if you are unhappy or angry or whatever, I understand, it is all real feelings and frustrations.”

A Bethesda employee noted that he’s a PlayStation 5 player as well, but Starfield will be available exclusively on other platforms. If you want to check the specific address in the space, you need to choose a different device:

“I don’t know how to dispel the fears and concerns of PlayStation 5 fans other than to say: Well, I’m a PlayStation 5 player too, I’ve played productions on this console, and there are titles I’ll go to to continue playing on, but if you want to play Starfield, [to musicie wybrać – przyp. red.] PC and Xbox”.

Haynes apologized, but said he couldn’t change anything about it:

“Excuse me. All I can really say is sorry I’m sure it frustrates people, but I can’t do much about it.”

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