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Beyoncé in an ULTRA-SHORT dress reveals her legs and cleavage at her party in Paris (photos)

Beyoncé in an ULTRA-SHORT dress reveals her legs and cleavage at her party in Paris (photos)

As with Adele, Beyonce It also takes several years of breaks between each album to get back on the charts at an opportune moment with a bang. The seventh album of one of the greatest music, as expected, brought him critical acclaim, and became Both are an artistic and commercial success.

No wonder then bye He’s partying a lot now because he really has something to celebrate. You can get the impression that the singer wants to go wild before she goes on a concert tour that was announced for next year, which is why she organized an exceptionally large celebration for her 41st birthday, which she invited Hollywood Cream.

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Nor did the mother of three deprive herself of visiting the French capital, where Paris Fashion Week had just ended. The artist became famous for organizing the most “epic” event, once again showing her entrepreneurial spirit and invited crowds of famous guests to an elegant reception, who were staying in the “City of Love”. The event was honored with attendance, among others Naomi Campbell, Doja Cat, Olivier Rousteing if Tyler Creator.

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At least Rossin didn’t go to Beyoncé in armor

Ha! But Rossen enjoyed good company, and didn’t take out the phony drama of eating biscuits to appear like some “star” Pudelka.

She does what she can because her “era” is over…

Beautiful woman, but it would be better if she explored less, I don’t like her way of showing it all 🙁

Mina like a tracksuit asks “Do you have a problem?”

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I read the boxes…

2 minutes. Ago


Her face is beautiful… but she can do a little exercise in the gym, because her legs are like wedges… but she probably loves them… because when you have such money…

Where are these pictures of Naomi or Oliver? I can’t see, I can’t see…

You call these frills from a mini communist-era shopping network, it would be better in a cement bag.

Soon she will complain that she has been harassed and maybe some millionaire.

A citizen was arrested for rape in Sweden

It still looks good if someone likes this kind of beauty

Who will overwhelm such pork? It covers the entire field of view

Are you removing comments??? Even neutrals???

Freed Beyoncé? All agreements

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