October 21, 2021

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Biden mourns death of police officer in Washington: ‘Tough time for Capitol’ | The world

In a statement, Biden said First Lady Jill was “heartbroken” and apologized for recent violence at the US Congress headquarters – on January 6, the building. Occupied by a mob of militants Who refuses to accept failure Donald Trump In the presidential election.

“For Capitol, we know this is going to be a tough time for everyone who works there and for those who guard the place,” Biden said.

The American flag stands halfway on Capitol Hill after the death of a police officer this Friday (2) – Photo: Alex Brandon / AB Photo

Biden also said the National Security Council was updating the president on the investigations. He also ordered that the flags of the White House be flown at half-mast, as in Capitol.

Dead policeman, William “Bill” Evans, Served in the Capitol Police since March 2003. The company also expressed condolences to the agent’s family.

William ‘Billy’ Evans, police officer killed in Capitol attack on Friday (2) – Photo: Guide via US Capitol Police / Reuters

Another police officer, with an unidentified identity, was injured in the beating. He was admitted to a hospital, which, according to a medical report this evening, was considered a medical condition.

The killer, identified as Nova Green, 25, of Indiana, was shot by police officers as he was leaving his car. He also received medical treatment, but died at the hospital.

Isolated crime scene in front of the US Capitol, a man runs past two policemen before being shot dead on Friday (2) – Photo: Al Drag / Reuters

See below for a summary of Capitol’s success

  • A man has come forward with a car in defiance of a security cordon set up around the Capitol in Washington, DC
  • A local television station reported that security officers shot the driver while he was getting out of the car with a knife in his hand – the man was taken into custody at the hospital, but he died of his injuries.
  • Two policemen fled. One of them died at the hospital.
  • As a result of this incident, the headquarters of the US Congress was closed for more than two hours.
  • The motive for the attack is unknown and has nothing to do with the January 6 invasion of Capitol Hill by supporters of former President Donald Trump.

The driver fled and killed a police officer on Capitol Hill in Washington

Map showing Capitol Hill scene on April 2, 2021 – Photo: G1 Mundo

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