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Biden offers new 3 2.3 trillion package, focusing on infrastructure and climate change resistance | Economy

Chairman United States, Joe Biden, Presented on Wednesday (31), a new package of US $ 2.3 trillion stimulus to the country’s economy, focusing on investments in infrastructure.

Biden’s proposal aims to place millions of Americans in the corporate sector as funders for projects working on construction sites, combating climate change and improving social services.

Speaking at an event in Pittsburgh, Biden said, “This is a unique investment in a generation of jobs in the United States.” It’s great, yes. It’s bold, yes. We can do it. “

The second legislative proposal in Biden’s two-month term supports the economy plagued by the corona virus epidemic. It promises to strengthen the unions and the country’s recession to climate change. Biden is likely to add another $ 2 trillion to the cost of another economic proposal project to be announced in April.

With you 9 $ 1.9 trillion relief package, Fiden’s infrastructure plan will give the federal government a bigger share of the U.S. government than it has for generations, accounting for 20% or more of annual production.

The initiative sets the stage for the next party conflict in Congress, where lawmakers widely agree that capital investment is necessary, but are divided over the size of the total package and the inclusion of programs traditionally seen as social services.

“That would not be possible if a massive tax increase and other trillions were added to the national debt,” said Mich McConnell, a Republican senator from Kentucky, the minority leader, a day after Biden called to inform him of the plan.

With no higher income tax rate or any expected increase in capital gains tax, Biden has yet to deliver a campaign promise to raise taxes for the wealthy.

Instead, the plan would raise the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28% and change the tax code to close loopholes that allow companies to convert profits overseas. Biden’s goal is not to “reach” the rich, but to deal with the increased divisions and inequalities caused by the epidemic.

A senior government official told Reuters that the plan would extend the cost of the projects over an eight-year period and aim to pay for all of them in 15 years, without increasing the country’s debt over the long term.

The U.S., the country’s largest trade group, Neil Bradley, executive vice president and policy director of the Chamber of Commerce, said while the organization shared a sense of urgency with Biden’s infrastructure, his plan was “dangerously flawed”.

“We strongly oppose the general tax hike proposed by the government, which will slow the economic recovery and make the United States less competitive globally – directly contrary to the infrastructure plan goals,” Bradley said.

The project includes $ 621 billion to rebuild infrastructureSuch as roads, bridges, highways and ports and historic investment 4 174 billion in the electric vehicle market It sets the goal of a national recharge network by 2030.

Government officials also express their intentions in the speech on the program to combat economic inequalities created by racial discrimination – For example, there is a point in dealing with air pollution that affects black and Hispanic communities near ports or power plants.

The government wants Congress to split $ 400 billion to invest in expanding access to social care for older Americans and people with disabilities. The industry should reach out to “low-wage and under-valued” workers, mostly non-white women.

There are more $ 213 billion to build and renovate sustainable and affordable housing, With hundreds of billions of dollars in support for the U.S. manufacturing sector, strengthening the country’s power grid, approving high-speed broadband across the country and upgrading water systems to ensure clean drinking water.

Biden wants to give 200 million vaccines against coyote in 100 days after reaching the doubles target

Biden wants to give 200 million vaccines against coyote in 100 days after reaching the doubles target

Biden is moving forward with the bill while trying to deliver on its promises Provide adequate Govt vaccinations for all adults by the end of May. The White House is also dealing with the growing number of migrants on the southern border and the effects of the continuing mass shootings.

The project is one of the legs of the “Built Better” agenda, and a second assembly package is due in a few weeks. The speech is expected to include other initiatives targeting families, including expanding health insurance coverage, expanding child tax benefits, paid family and maternity leave.

Moderate Democrats said traditional infrastructure projects should be targeted to attract Republican votes to return to a two-party policy class. Liberal Congressmen want to tackle climate change and economic inequality with resources that reflect the scale of these challenges.

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