July 28, 2021

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Biden talks about misinformation: Facebook is killing people.  The portal responds

Biden talks about misinformation: Facebook is killing people. The portal responds

The White House has in recent days begun to pressure Facebook and other social media platforms to take decisive action against misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines. US Chief Medical Officer Vivek Murthy has called on social media to respond, primarily citing algorithms that recommend content that misleads readers.

Their widgets, such as the Like button, show us emotional rather than real content. Algorithms give us more of that content, Murthy said, and push us deeper and deeper into misinformation. Initially, Facebook did not address these statements.

Biden: Facebook is killing people

Today, before Biden left the White House, there was a brief exchange of views with a reporter.

What do you want to say to platforms like Facebook? – That is the question the reporter put to the President of the United States.

– They kill people. The only pandemic present is among the unvaccinated. Joe Biden replied: They kill people.

Shortly after Joe Biden’s speech, a Facebook spokesperson spoke after hours of silence.

“We won’t be alarmed by factually incorrect accusations. The truth is that 2 billion people, more than anywhere else, watched authorized COVID-19 and vaccine news on Facebook. More than 3.3 million Americans have benefited from our vaccine research tool to learn where and how to use it.” Facts show that Facebook helps save lives. Period ”- This is the content of the portal spokesperson’s statement.

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