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According to scientists, children are the fastest learners. Their learning pace is amazing because they use their entire brain to learn. The great curiosity of the world of young children causes them to explore the environment with all their senses. Every day a child can learn up to 10 new words. Until adulthood, they can learn up to 65,000 words in a foreign language. In multicultural families, even young children can use several languages ​​simultaneously. Moreover, learning a new language stimulates the growth of their brain.

It turns out that children have a unique and very effective strategy for learning words. There is an assumption in the mind of the child that each object has one word assigned to it. If the child sees and hears the apple, then the mind of the child associates these facts. The brain works through competition in all aspects and at all levels. So when an object is linked to a word in the brain, the brain automatically blocks that object from being associated with another word.

During the learning process, the student must assume that a particular word has no synonyms, and thus the language acquisition process can be shortened as much as possible. While in the case of words like a chair or a table such a strategy is easy to implement, when it comes to learning abstract concepts, it becomes a bit more complicated. For starters, getting multiple terms into one concept is just unnecessary complexity. It is worth noting that at the very beginning of your journey with the English language, it is better to choose the easiest route.

So the child’s learning method may be the most effective. Then it would be possible in every situation to use the keyword at least in many meanings and contexts. On the other hand, it is worth learning synonyms only after you have acquired the first thousand or one thousand words. They will come in handy most of the time as you write to avoid redundancy. In the spoken language, in turn, you can deal with only the basic meanings of the words.

After learning the basic vocabulary, you can move on to learning English grammar, which is the biggest fear of all students. Unfortunately, you cannot speak or write in English without knowing the correct combinations. So it’s best to start with three or four basic repetitions so you don’t get discouraged. Present Simple, Present Continuous, Past Simple and Future Simple are essential. Additionally, at a basic level, you should familiarize yourself with issues such as there is/is, pronouns, the conjugation of the verb to be and have, and the Saxon genitive. In addition, predicate constructions, adjective categorization, and basic conditional verbs such as can, may, must, and must be necessary.

The number of different patterns to remember can be intimidating. The truth is that English grammar is not difficult. There is a lot of logic and consistency in it, which allows you to describe a particular situation very accurately. It is enough, then, to approach learning with good behavior and regularly practice your skills, and the English grammar will become understandable and interesting.

Just the words and learning the rules, unfortunately, is not enough for the ability to communicate with aliens. The ability to speak fluently and use these skills acquired in practice is also essential. However, breaking the language barrier is very difficult for some people, so you need to focus on doing as many practical exercises as possible based on conversations and dialogues. It is best to speak out loud at home, read out loud, or repeat the lyrics of your favorite song. It is also useful to have access to podcasts designed for learners. It’s also important to remember that every beginner has mistakes, so don’t worry about them or get discouraged. You should also not forget to learn not only pronunciation but also vocabulary spelling. This skill is especially useful when composing correspondence or posting online.

Sometimes it happens that learning English on your own at home is not enough and the language structures are still incomprehensible. In this case, it is worth looking for an alternative learning method designed individually for each student. Lecturers usually build classes on the principle of informal conversation, thanks to which it is easy to eliminate the language barrier. for example, Active Beginners English Course It contains the complete basics of the English language in several video lessons that you can play several times until you have fully mastered the material.

In addition, this course includes a unique teaching method that allows you to learn English without any stress. During four free, interactive lessons, students are able to learn the basic principles of creating structure in the English language, the necessary English times and the amount of vocabulary the English use on a daily basis. In addition, each student receives a newsletter with tips on rapid learning of foreign languages ​​and brain development. However, the entire course consists of 100 hours of continuous learning using a unique method that allows you to quickly and easily obtain basic information about the English language.

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