July 28, 2021

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Bill Cosby has been released. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has overturned the 83-year-old comedian’s conviction

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Wednesday overturned the conviction of comedian Bill Cosby, 83, of sexual assault, and ordered his release from prison. The reasons for the decision were the failures during the perpetrator’s trial.

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As a result of Wednesday’s decision, Cosby will be released from prison, He has spent two years now, serving a 10-year prison sentence Issued by a lower court on charges of sexually assaulting former Canadian basketball player and Temple University staffer Andrea Konstand. Cosby was instructing a woman he was supposed to beat up with sleeping pills and then rape.

New denials

Supreme Court decision It’s not about the new comedian’s acquittal, but about procedural errors. This includes his 2005 contract with the then attorney general. The prosecutor considered it In the absence of physical evidence, there is no chance of criminal charges being brought against the perpetrator And the only way to find out his guilt would be through a civil trial.

He had to promise Cosby that if he testified in a civil trial, he would be absolved of criminal responsibility. However, the situation changed after the attorney general succeeded after more than 10 years – declassified statements incriminating the actor and used to bring charges against him, Which led to his conviction.

The Supreme Court has ruled that the comedian will not be indicted again

Another procedural error, according to the court The testimony of five women who testified that they too were victims of sexual assault was to be accepted. The judge found the testimony related to separate cases, but it nonetheless broke the impasse among jurors who had previously failed to reach consensus on Cosby’s guilt. In the new ruling, the Supreme Court ruled that the comedian should not be charged again.

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Cosby filed for parole this year, but his application was denied because he did not attend sex offender training. The actor announced earlier, He’d rather spend 10 years than be guilty.

Anger at “scandalous”

Lisa Bloom, a lawyer for three of the women who accused Cosby of sexual harassment, said: on CNN Indignation at the “scandalous” sentence.

“It’s unimaginable,” she said, adding that the actor’s guilt was almost certain, noting that as many as 50 women have publicly accused Cosby of groping him.

The actor’s conviction in 2018 was seen as a breakthrough moment that sparked a torrent of similar accusations against show business as part of the #MeToo movement.

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