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Bill Gates’ Farming Business. Billionaire owns the most land in America – Biznes Wprost

Bill Gates' Farming Business.  Billionaire owns the most land in America - Biznes Wprost

Dusty Johnson of South Dakota wrote a letter Wednesday to House Agriculture Committee Chairman David Scott. bill Gates The committee asked him about the huge investments in front and agricultural land.

“The ownership of agricultural land is very important. “No one buys faster than Bill Gates,” Johnson told Fox News Digital. “He currently owns 270,000 acres, making him the largest owner of American farmland.”

Investments in land

The founder and former chairman of Microsoft has been investing his money in agricultural lands located in various states in the United States over the years. As of early 2021, Gates owned 242,000 acres of farmland, according to the Land Report. In November, he spent $13.5 million to buy about 2,100 acres in Northeast Dakota.

This makes him the owner of the largest arable land in the country. Over the years, the land has been purchased by Cascade Investments, a holding and investment companyControlled by Bill Gates.

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“The Anti-Meat Lobby”

As befits a Republican politician, the accumulation of farmland in one man’s hands can threaten a nation’s food security, but Johnson is less concerned about the risk of “anti-meat lobbying” on Gates’ part.

“The committee should be interested in Mr. Gates’ property and land plans as he has been a leading voice in his emphasis on artificial meat,” Johnson wrote on Twitter. “By 2021, Mr. Gates was quoted as saying that all rich countries should move to 100 percent artificial beef to fight climate change.”

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