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Billie Eilish releases Sarah James in the American movie “Got Talent” on her profile!

Billie Eilish releases Sarah James in the American movie "Got Talent" on her profile!

Sarah James She caused a sensation in the American series “Got Talent”. The 14-year-old got on his knees with the song lovable. Simon Cowell even pressed the golden button, which automatically guarantees our compatriot’s participation in live episodes. Amazing performance James’ video is gaining more and more popularity on the web. Currently, they have been viewed nearly 8 million times on YouTube.

The young singer did not hide her emotions after the episode was broadcast, saying on the Internet that performing the American version of “Got Talent” is the realization of her deepest dreams. During her performance in America’s Got Talent, the teen, who finished second in Eurovision Junior in 2021, was given the support of her proud mother, Arleta Dancewicz.

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A while ago, a young singer posted a recording of her performance on her personal Facebook page, and asked the author of the song, referring to her in the post.

Billie Eilish thank you for this beautiful song, you will be with me forever You wrote, you probably weren’t anticipating what would happen a moment later.

It turned out that the American star not only noticed the entry of the Polish woman, but also made it available on her profile, which she follows. 32 million Followers!

It seems mosques I was shocked to see the job of a world star. The 14-year-old recorded a video on InstaStories with an emotional reaction to Billy’s post…

Do you think this is the beginning of Sarah James’ career?

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Oh and great. Let the girl stand out.

I wish her giga of success, but lest this success ruin her too, she seems to be a very nice girl. Bravo Sarah!!

I don’t know what’s going on, but I clap

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A truly historic event. I wonder if this would develop in the US, gold buttons, etc, if a Polish woman looked “a little different”, eg Roksana W.

I keep my fingers crossed for the little ones

Do … ??? What is it ?

She has talent and looks cute, but she is polar like my friend Mbappe.

I understand these successes!!! Bravo and congrats!!!

In the world of cucumber salad, which is fed by many Wieniawy, Rozenki and Anie Lewandowskie with Louis Vuitton bags for 80,000. This ordinary girl gives me the joy of life.

Baby, let your dreams come true. Fingers intertwined!!!

This arrogant mother of an Armenian Eurovision Junior award winner is probably jealous of jealousy 🤣🤣🤣 Bravo Sarah! Only successes!

It is a pity that Ochman did not start in the United States, but they did not allow him to verify there, because the labels strictly dictate the direction and trends, which is why we have such nonsense in the global music market. I’ve been looking for music on YouTube for a long time, because business is poor

Poodle, what is “made”? It would be nice if you could speak Polish after all.

Let me be wrong, but this unusual girl will soon forget about Poland.

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