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BioShock 4 with action in Antarctica and a woman in the lead role (leak)

BioShock 4 with action in Antarctica and a woman in the lead role (leak)
September 6, 2022, 21:20

More leaks about BioShock 4 appeared on the Internet, and according to them, the title event is set in Antarctica, and a woman will play the main role.

Bioshock 4 (Working title) is a game that has been circulating regularly on the web. However, we still have not received any official information about it. Now there are more leaks related to production, and the most reliable one is about when the announcement and premiere will take place.

The source of these discoveries is the informant under the pseudonym Oops Leaks. He has provided reliable information more than once, so his reports can be trusted.

In a series of posts We will find many details on Twitter. they show it The title business will be set in Antarctica. The design is similar to what we saw in it DeathloopAnd the So we can expect the psychedelic atmosphere of the 60s. During the adventure, we will follow the actions of the woman.

Inner width Bioshock 4 in the year 2020. The public announcement was scheduled for early 2021 was late because of layoffs In the studio Cloud Chamber responsible for the project.

At the moment, it is not known when we will see the official announcement of the game. In fact, it could happen at any time. Evidence suggests it could happen at the upcoming PlayStation Showcase or at this year’s Game Awards (in December).

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It seems that the developers are in no hurry to work on the title, as its high quality is a priority. Therefore, the announcement will only come when the creators are ready. In this way, it is also supposed to work without delay. As for the release date, there are still many unknowns here. Most likely, though It will start appearing before the end of 2024. This is suggested by Take Two Reports, to which Cloud Chamber belongs.

In addition, Oops Leaks published some information, which – as he himself emphasized – is somewhat incorrect, since he failed to verify it. They showed that the game world was to become a haven for Rapture refugees, and the entire game would be divided into two cities.

We won’t find out early on if these reports are true. We can only wait for this moment.

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