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Blonde Natalia Swiek goes crazy at the festival with Marcelina Zwadzka and her partner (photos)

Blonde Natalia Swiek goes crazy at the festival with Marcelina Zwadzka and her partner (photos)

Throughout the years of work in the show business Natalia Siwick She proved to be an avid traveler and a lover of extreme sensations. Miss Euro 2012 spends her time impatiently In Mexican Tulum, She bought a house some time ago and can enjoy the sun there as much as she wants and explore the surrounding caves. Natalka also willingly visits other parts of the world, quite often Regarding participation in various festivals, Which is a big abyss.

It’s definitely a favorite event of its kind Natalia Siwick He is the famous American Burning Man Festival It takes place in the Nevada desert. Last year, the star also had the pleasure of attending the “Turkish Response” to the aforementioned party, where it raged until dawn. He visited the caves there. It turns out that the well-known lover of Tulum is currently in the bosom of her homeland, and she recently had the opportunity to play at one of the Polish festivals – and, of course, she did not forget to brag about this fact on the Web.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, a series of photos from the event appeared on Siwiec’s Instagram account. As befits regularly at festivals, celebrities took care of About appropriately complex methods. Natalia played clothes among others, In a black suit with fringe, Who chose the golden cloak for him. Celebrities complemented the festival look with sequin embellishments affixed to the face, and black pencils And… a blonde wig. Swiek also praised observers with shots in many other styles Including a denim jacket with butterflies, a bowler hat and a turquoise wig.

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During the festival, accompanied Natalia Marius Radosevsky’s husband, who did not forget to take some souvenir photos with her – thus again cutting rumors about the crisis. At the party, the celebrity also met some famous friends. I also went to the same festival Marcelina Zwadzka With her boyfriend Max Glockner. In the festival-goers crowd, you can also meet Zuzanna Pactwa and Yaroslav Benyuk.

Watch how Natalia Swiek went festival crazy with her blonde wig.

Bieniuk Siwiec, only Blanya was missing

The meaning of her life is an eternal mixture.

And, as usual, eyes like 5 zlotys. It is known after what.

A blonde wig, you know… So many years in the showroom, so many followers, so much money invested in looks, and still just a poor impersonator of Kim Kardashian, who is blonde nowadays.

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They present themselves as a kind of sect.

The more of these photos they post, the more they make fun of themselves. anytime? 🙈😕

I cry and pull my thumb and don’t know what’s on and what’s in the ad

Adult mockery. Happened – that’s nothing”

I like Natalia, but when I see her in the company of famous people, I have fears that one day I will ride them. Marcela is kind of cool, but she also gives the impression that she’s not quite stable, trying to break into those celebrity frames. This kind of friendship with Blanc is most emphasized by Plania, not Natalka or Marius. I have no idea about Bieniuk and his partner, but to me it’s uncertain and not assertive.

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Shameful things are having fun together, who would have expected. The former Emirati “fashion model” with her star Black Ghoul, the innocent Marselinka, who helped her boyfriend from the Belarusian FSB in laundering money, and Yarrow Benyuk – a regular at the Bay of Art, known for his loyalty to all women and their decent treatment.

I love the beautiful Natalia as always

Batowsky. Artificial friendships, zero in mind and on account

Blanya always fantasizes about her friendship with Siwiec, just like all those who do not spend time with Natalia, but do not know …

The holiday will be a holiday again, I’m sure you’re right, do you remember this song? It fits perfectly with this company.

Garbicz. nice weather. Although this year’s music was Kyiv.

And I’m afraid that because of epidemics I fell into shopping addiction: (I’ve become addicted to online shopping especially… Every day I have to buy something, even a stupid magazine or hand cream… It came “… I order a locker for a parcel away from home so I can hide in my bag…

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