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Boeing has introduced the new “digital” jet aircraft

Boeing has released the first Serial T-7A Red Hawk training aircraft, designed using innovative digital methods at USAF.

The T-7A Red Hawk is the work of an American company Boeing And Swedish Chop And winner of the TX project. Using a completely new “digital” design method, it only took three years from the first design to the prototype. Boeing and Saab Jet emphasize that it is easy to modify, thanks to which the Air Force can create completely new units based on this design.

The process of making T-7A Red Hawk It is interesting because the traditional method of design and testing was replaced by “digital”, among other things, 3D printing, due to which the production process is reduced by up to 80 percent. The most important design elements include dual tails for greater maneuverability, advanced cockpit with built-in training systems and many functions that ensure quick and easy maintenance.

The initial operational readiness of the T-7A is expected to reach 2024, and eventually this type of jet will replace the old T-38 Talon training aircraft. For now, the main receiver of the machines U.S. ArmyOrdered 351 aircraft for $ 9.2 billion with 46 simulators, ground training equipment and support and training kits.

Following the order, Boeing plans to sell about 2,700 aircraft in various countries. Serbia and Australia have already expressed their interest in the Red Hawk.

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