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Bolsanaro’s bet is that vaccination with Astrogeneka is slow worldwide

The only bet of the government Jair Bolzano The Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine (Covshield) faces production and distribution problems in Brazil and around the world, to prevent Brazilians against Covit-19 (without a party) by 2020.

Info Tracker Survey – Infectious Disease Site by USB (University of Sவோo Paulo) and UNESP (Universal Estadiole Ballista) – indicates that countries that have selected the vaccine are late than other countries with their vaccine campaigns.

The federal government has signed an agreement with an Anglo-Swedish laboratory to manufacture Covshield Fiocruz (Fontano Oswaldo Cruz). In July 2020, A month ago Refuse to give 70 million dose Delivered to the country by Pfizer / Bioendech.

Without options, Brazil began its vaccination in January Sவோo Paulo government with Chinese laboratory Sinovak For the production of Coronavac by the Button Company. Dispute with the Governor of Sao Paulo Jono Toria (PSDB), Paulsonaro rejected last year’s so-called “Chinese vaccine”, I would never buy it.

Signed by the President on March 2nd Join the Kovacs facility, WHO (World Health Organization) Federation. The government also signed an agreement 17 days later Pfizer and Johnson, When Sputnik v Aguarda aval da Anvisa (National Institute of Health Monitoring).

Cheaper vaccines (R $ 58.20 vs R $ 58.20 for Coronavac), Covshield was the choice of other countries around the world. Considering the strong demand and unforeseen complications in its distribution, countries betting their chips on the AstraZeneca vaccine are slowing their vaccination.

“Its main advantage may have become an issue,” said Wallace Kazaka, a UNESP professor and coordinator of the information tracker. “The high demand for it has damaged its supply.”

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It happens in Brazil, India, Argentina, Canada and Europe. The only country with adequate vaccines from AstraZeneca is the United Kingdom, the birthplace of the laboratory, where 22.2 million doses have already been administered. The British retention of these vaccines provoked criticism from the European Union. It threatens to retaliate.

With the exception of the United Kingdom, the three most vaccinated countries in the world, Israel, the United States and Chile, did not reduce the English vaccine.

Six reasons for delays in the world:

1 – How the vaccine does AstraZeneca is cheap, Promised to deliver more vaccines than the lab could produce.

2 – And because it is cheaper, the demand for it is higher than competitors.

What AstraZeneca says: “AstraZeneca is looking for a vaccine and has entered into several agreements with various organizations, which could be the only company committed to deliver the 3 billion dose by the end of this year, which justifies the demand,” he said. Twitter Lab with a reference.

3 – Fire In the section on expanding serum production at the institute, In India, in January, delayed deliveries. On March 4, Serum sent a letter to Piocruz and the rest of the world.

4 – India, where the epidemic is stable, has been registered Explosion of cases in 2021. That is why the Indian government is pushing for an increase in the domestic vaccine. Although India has not broken contracts, it has postponed sending the vaccine to other parts of the world.

What AstraZeneca says: “Contract from the Serum Institute and the resulting drugs were carried out directly between Piogruz and Serum; Astrogeneka has no contract or visibility of the distribution schedule.”

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5 – In South Korea, to ensure domestic supply, SK. The local government has announced it will stop exporting vaccines made by the BioScience Laboratory because the country has been told that Kovacs will receive fewer immunizations than promised. Facility.

6 – The European Union (EU) accuses the United Kingdom of using the majority of its own population of AstraZeneca vaccines, delaying shipments to the camp. Pfizer threatens to block exports To England.

What AstraZeneca says: “As far as quantities from Europe are concerned, we do not have the information or transparency of any negotiations that would impede the import of vaccines from other companies.”

Covshield vaccine 1.7% are Brazilians

In Brazil, immunizations with astrogeneka are also slow. Although 10.4% of Brazilians had been vaccinated at least until Thursday (8), this percentage would have been only 1.7% without coronavirus, which is 83% of the vaccine in the country.

The first batch of 2 million AstraZeneca vaccines produced by Serum Company Landed in the country a week late, On January 22, after the Government of India refused to export the vaccine As long as there is no definition in Brazil About the purchase.

Before, A diplomatic fight with China It threatened to send inputs for the synthesis of the immunizing agent at the bio-mangoinhos factory affiliated with Fiocruz, which only happened on February 6th.

The second batch, with over 2 million completed volumes, arrived only on February 23rd. As a result, Piocruz has postponed the delivery of the first volume produced in Brazil until March 17: 500 thousand units.

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In March, Fiocruz will pay $ 15 million to the federal government, with an estimate of $ 3.8 million and distributions ending at $ 2.8 million. April, The estimated 30 million dose is expected to be 18.4 million, while in May it was revised from 25 million to 21.5 million.

The astrogenic vaccine is not delayed in all countries. For example, in Brazil, the IFA distribution schedule [insumo], The part that comes to the pharmaceutical company in the national contract is in advance. The production and distribution of the vaccine falls to Fiocruz
Astrogeneca, note

In addition to supply delays from India and China, Fiocross justifies production delays to an issue, compromising the mechanism for closing vaccine bottles with aluminum seal in February. In total, Fiocross is expected to deliver 210.4 million doses of PNI (National Immunization Program) by 2021.

At a public hearing of the Senate Govt-19’s Provisional Committee on Thursday (8), Fiocruz ‘s chairman, Nazia Trinidad Lima, said the foundation would sign “in the next few days.” Production of imported inputs today, which should accelerate vaccine production in the second half.

Since last Tuesday (6th), Fiocruz has increased its production to 900 thousand units. Bhutan, on the other hand, gave PNI a dose of 38.2 million.

* Collaborated Jameel Chad

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