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border crisis. Six Iraqi children are held in a hospital in Hagnoka

border crisis.  Six Iraqi children are held in a hospital in Hagnoka

Six children from Iraq, ranging in age from a few years to several years, spent the night from Friday to Saturday at Hagnoka Hospital. In the morning, the border guards took them to their position in nearby Narioka. “They will wait for my mother there until she is discharged from the hospital.” These children do not have any documents, so they must be identified, says Aunit Katarzyna Zdanovic, a spokeswoman for the Podlasie border guards.

Zdanovic asserts that if an Iraqi woman applies for asylum, the border guards will accept it. The obligation to accept such a request is due to Polish and international law, but according to numerous reports of media and humanitarian organizations, border guards refuse to do so despite foreigners’ requests for asylum.

“We have to find a place for these people.”

At the moment, there are about 10 foreigners being held at the border at Hagnoka Hospital. As the deputy director of health care, Thomas Musiuk points out, six children from Iraq did not require hospitalization. – The border guards brought them to us because they had a hard time getting them somewhere. This is a problem that is starting to get more serious. People who do not need hospitalization stay with us, and at the same time the border guards have nothing to do with them. We will turn to the ombudsman on this matter, because we have to provide a place for these people somewhere, says Musiuk.

– These children were placed in the ward with other sick children, which is also a certain threat – he adds.

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How do doctors communicate with foreigners? – The easiest way when there is no agreement in English – Musiuk answers. – Sometimes it happens that a child knows this language and then communicates with us with adults. Ideally, border guards should bring their interpreter. However, these are rare cases – he admits.

– We have sent ourselves a list of institutions and relief organizations that hospital staff can turn to in order to request an interpreter. We also established special contacts with Syrian or Kurdish doctors. We call them and try to communicate by phone – says a doctor from the hospital in Hagnoka.

Photo: Marcin Terlik/Onet

Tomas Musiuk

Transported to the forest to the border

In recent months, thousands of people from the Middle East and Africa have come to Belarus to join the European Union. First, they headed to Lithuania and Latvia, and now they go to Poland. This is organized and facilitated by the regime of Alexander Lukashenko, who wants to put pressure on the European Union in this way.

Every day the border guards report hundreds of “attempts to cross the border illegally.” According to its data, there were more than 7,000 of them in September. Only in the first week of October – another more than 3.6 thousand. The border guards claim that the vast majority of them are “banned.”

“Prevention” in many cases means moving people trapped in the interior of Poland to the border with Belarus. This is called restitution, and it is illegal under Polish and international law to move people to the border without the possibility of applying for international protection. As can be seen from the information provided by humanitarian organizations, the Polish border guards are widely used. The most well-known case is that of the Michao Children, but there are many documented reports of asylum applications being ignored and people taken to the border into the forest. In such cases, border guards prefer to talk briefly about “implementing the procedure from the decree.”

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The asylum application submitted by a foreigner residing in the territory of the Republic of Poland must be accepted. There is no exception in Polish law that would make it possible to ignore such a request – He recently spoke in an interview with Onet Piotr Wymysłowski from the Office of the Human Rights Defender. Just because the application is accepted by the border guards does not mean that asylum will be granted. The Aliens Office decides on it in a special procedure, which may grant or refuse it and order deportation. But the application itself must be accepted, and the applicant has the right to remain in the country until it is examined.

onet He was a witness to the arrest Eleven frozen and soaked Congolese at Podlasie Gródek, 15 kilometers deep in Poland. Exhausted loudly and often in the presence of border guards, they reported their readiness to apply for asylum in Poland. The border guards accepted these requests from only three of them. the remaining eight to the border.

Journalists and humanitarian organizations described dozens of cases of people pushed to the other side by the Polish services. There, officials of the Belarusian regime beat, robbed and forced them to return to our country. Here they are again caught by the Polish border guards and again repelled. Some met several times. “They are playing with us like a ball,” one of the people trapped at the border told the BBC.

It is not known how many such events have not been documented by anyone. From the beginning of September to the border area Journalists are not allowed in.

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