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Border guards: more and more attempts to force the border to cross

Border guards: more and more attempts to force the border to cross
  • We are able to identify several institutions that benefit from illegal immigration. This is Minsk airport and Belavia Airlines. He added that the migration route is profitable for Belavia
  • The Minister’s spokesperson for the Coordinator of Special Services added that power structures, including the Belarusian Border Guard Commission, which transports migrants to the border with Poland, are also benefiting.
  • The entire migration route has so far provided revenues that should be in the tens of millions of dollars. Garin concluded that most of them went to Belarusian institutions
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Stanislaw Garen added that the services, based on the data collected, are able to identify many enterprises that make profits from the illegal immigration route. Mentioned here, among others, the airport in Minsk and the Belarusian airline Belavia.

– It must be remembered that EU sanctions were imposed on these lines, there is a ban on flights of these lines to the territory of the European Union. Recently, information appeared in the Polish media that because of this decision, Belavia airlines are on the verge of bankruptcy, they are looking for new ways to improve their financial situation – said Stanislaw Harin.

He stressed that the immigration route established by Belarus provides, inter alia, that Belavia generates huge profits from illegal immigration. – This money also goes directly to the administration of the President of Belarus – he said.

He added that the presidential administration is overseeing, among other things, the Centrkurort travel agency “which is officially involved in the initiation of the immigration pathway.” “Centrkurort is a company that issues invitations to the necessary immigrants to start the immigration route and fly to Belarus,” he said.

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He stated that other institutions that profit from immigration procedures are law enforcement agencies, including the Belarusian Border Guard Commission, which “is directly involved in the transfer of migrants to the border area.” The other institution – also a force of nature – is the Belarusian KGB. It’s also the institution that benefits from immigration procedures, Garen noted.

He also emphasized that the data at the disposal of the Polish state indicate that “the significant financial profits from immigration procedures go to those entities that have been fined at the European level in recent years due to aggressive actions by the Belarusian regime, but also to institutions that are directly involved in the conduct of My aggression against Poland and the Poles.”

Naren reports that the entire migration route has so far generated revenues that “should be in the tens of millions of dollars”. – He said that this money went to various entities involved in this migration route, but most of it went to Belarusian state institutions, because these institutions completely control and regulate the smuggling of people.

During the conference, a question was raised about the Syrian dead man who was found near the border. – This man was found by a police patrol. Activities related to clarification of conditions are underway. We are waiting for the results of the police and the prosecutor’s office. At the moment, we know that this is a person who came from the territory of Belarus. This is why the Belarusian ambassador was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday, Stanislav Tarin said.

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Border Guard spokeswoman, second lieutenant. Anna Michalska reports that the border guards are involved in the construction of the engineering dam. “There is a choice, but we don’t want to talk about it yet,” she said.

– The gathering of people crossing the border is destroying the firewalls. Foreigners say that they were given scissors in advance to cut this dam. Everything is done in cooperation with the Belarusian services – Michalska added.

A permanent dam project will be delivered soon.

We want to start building the dam this year. We want to start as soon as possible – added a spokeswoman for the border guards.

Will the pressure be lower due to the winter period? We hope that there will be fewer decisions taken immediately in the countries from which migrants leave. Michalska concluded that the flow of immigrants to Belarus would be less.

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