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Box Office USA: “Godzilla vs. Cong” finally got 100 million

Box Office USA: "Godzilla vs. Cong" finally got 100 million
Manage. Warner Bros. Finally, she let out a sigh of relief. After 12 long weeks, “Godzilla vs. Cong” managed to reach $ 100 million. When the film debuted in an interesting fashion in March / April, the hundred seemed to come easily (after the first five days he had more than 48 million in his account). Meanwhile, the competition for the title of the first “hundred” hours of the epidemic, produced by Legendary and Warner Bros. Lost with “Silent Place 2” directed by John Krosinski.

So, there are already two films this year with receipts for at least 100 million. This means the end of last year.

Hundreds 2021

# Title Overall earned
Apparently Number of cinemas Premier VOD Budget
1 Quiet place2 $ 125.3 $ 47.5 3,744 28.05 No. $ 61
2 Godzilla vs. Cong $ 100.1 $ 31.6 3,084 31.03 And so on $ 155

Meanwhile, the best film of the weekend became the novelty of “Bodyguard and the Wife of the Expert”. Unfortunately, comedy has failed to encourage Americans to go to the cinemas. The seats were vacant, leaving about $ 47 million at the box office. So this is the weakest weekend in American cinemas in four weeks.

However, only “Bodyguard and the Expert’s Wife” sold slightly better than predicted. He earned 7 11.7 million over the weekend. However, since it hit theaters on Wednesday, the total is 17 million. The predictions gave a maximum of 15 million after five days of jokes.

There’s one more novelty in the top ten, last week’s “12 Mighty Orphans”. The film was a success in 915 new theaters, allowing it to increase its revenue by 246%. The result is $ 870,000 allowed to take eighth place.

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The top ten looks like this:

# Title Earned over the weekend Overall earned Screen week China
1 Bodyguard and wife of an expert $ 11.68 $ 17.02 1 3331
2 Quiet place2 , 4 9,4 $ 125.26 4 3392
3 Pyotr Kralik 2: On the giant $ 6.1 $ 20.33 2 3346
4 Balance 3: At the behest of the devil $ 5.15 $ 53.6 3 3280
5 Cruella $ 5.1 $ 64.74 4 3110
6 In The Heights $ 4.21 $ 19.66 2 3509
7 Mustang of the Wild Valley: The Road to Freedom 6 1,6 $ 13.82 3 2967
8 12 mighty orphans $ 0.87 25 1,25 2 1047
9 House Next Door: Meet the Blocks2 $ 0.59 99 1,99 2 530
10 Someone who is angry $ 0.45 $ 26.8 7 707

Only one major innovation is scheduled for next week. This is a scene from “Fast and Furious 9”.

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