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Box Office USA: Is This the End of the Pottery? The animals are not so awesome

Box Office USA: Is This the End of the Pottery?  The animals are not so awesome
Did Grindelwald’s crimes kill Potters? The second show of the Fantastic Beasts series had a disappointed fan base. And there are all indications that the film inspired them enough to avoid watching the third part in the cinema.

Fantastic Beasts Trailer: Dumbledore’s Secrets

As a result, “Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets” made the worst introduction in the entire series’ history. For the first time in history, the opening weekend grossed less than $ 50 million. Warner Bros. estimates they are paying $ 43 million for the film, of which $ 6 million actually comes from pre-Thursday night screenings.

Dumbledore’s Secrets will now wage a fierce battle to surpass $ 100 million. In theory, it should be possible. However, in practice, we must remember that in a month and a half, the show will be available on the HBO Max operating system. So those who were hesitant to watch the movie can no longer wait for the streaming premiere show. It is possible that audience ratings were not astounding. At Cinemascore he received the same score as he had previously received for “The Crimes of Kindlewald”. So now there is no “pressure” to see the film.

Meanwhile, we have already received more than $ 100 million for the third premiere of this year. It is, of course, “Sonic 2. Faster like lightning”. After 10 days in theaters, the game hit already $ 119.6 million. At the same time, one was able to earn $ 106.5 million.

2022 films that grossed over $ 100 million

The second major premiere of the week is the Father’s Student for Christian audience. And the audience in the film is not right either. He earned $ 5.7 million over the weekend alone. However, he had a premiere on Wednesday, so he has a total of $ 8 million in his account. The good news for Sony is that viewers are thrilled to see the film. Therefore, small drops are likely to come in the coming weeks.

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Americans can not get enough of foreign products. The historical action film made in India in Kannada “KGF: Episode 2” caused a stir in overseas theaters last weekend. The film has two distributors for two different language versions. In total, the two won $ 2.9 million over the weekend. Since their premiere is Thursday, they have a total of $ 4.6 million.

Meanwhile, A24 continues to expand its “Everything Everywhere” distribution, resulting in another weekend increase in revenue to the top five. In all, the film has already grossed $ 17.7 million at the studio’s tenth biggest box office hit.

Box Office USA April 15-17 to 10

# Title Earned over the weekend Earned in bulk Screen week Cinema
1 Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore $ 43.0 $ 43.0 1 4208
2 Sonic 2. Fast as lightning $ 30.0 $ 119.61 2 4258
3 The lost city $ 6.5 $ 78.58 4 3430
4 Everything everywhere at once $ 6.19 $ 17.7 4 2220
5 Father Stu $ 5.7 $ 8.03 1 2705
6 Morpheus $ 4.7 $ 65.12 3 3462
7 Medical ambulance $ 4.04 $ 15.65 2 3412
8 Batman $ 3.8 $ 365.04 7 2535
9 KGF: Chapter 2 $ 2.88 $ 4.6 1 810
10 Untitled $ 1.17 $ 144.99 9 1311

This Friday, Americans will be able to choose from three major premiers. They are: the animated “Mr. Wolf and Co. Bad Guys” (he has already earned over $ 50 million in the world), the historical drama directed by Robert Ackers and the first production cage of many years from the Hollywood studio with Nicholas “the unbearable burden of great talent”. .

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