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Box office USA: The first 100 million times of an epidemic!

Box office USA: The first 100 million times of an epidemic!
Has become! For the first time since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic in the United States in mid-March last year, a film released there has managed to gross $ 100 million. The play was a success on John Krosinski’s “Silent Place 2”. Unfortunately, the results of “Godzilla vs. Konga” are not yet known. So, it is not clear whether the film accidentally managed to reach 100 million on Sunday.

All signs will return to the “Silent Place 2” lead position. Current estimates put him at $ 300,000 less than the second on the “In the Heights” list.

John M. The failure of Sue’s music was greeted with surprise in Hollywood. Before the weekend, the film appeared to have a gross of over 20 million, which would be a box office success. Meanwhile, Sunday’s estimates “in the Heights” were just $ 11.4 million.

For some, this is evidence of a negative impact on Warner Bros. cinema results. Movies straight to the HBO Max site. In particular, “In the Heights” aims to make the public more cautious about watching movies during COVID-19 epidemics.

The second big premiere of the week, “Piotru Kralik 2: Na Jigand”, debuted in third place. Unlike Australia or Great Britain in the United States, this family product is sold without the big crackers. The film grossed 4 10.4 million for the opening, which is within the studio’s pre-weekend predictions range. However, this result is worse than the first “Piotro Kralik” (US $ 25 million).

The top ten includes two minor innovations. Comedy Horror House Next Door: Meet the Blocks 2 debuted at number seven. The sequel to “The Unfortunate Move” grossed over a million dollars in the first three days of the show. The first half initially won 4 million.

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Senior comedy “Queen Peace” dropped to ninth place, resulting in 8,000 328,000. However, thanks to paid VOD services you can watch this movie at home. It is unknown how many people have used this option.

The top ten looks like this:

# Title Earned over the weekend Overall earned Screen week China
1 Quiet place2 $ 11.65 $ 108.99 3 3515
2 In The Heights $ 11.41 $ 11.41 1 3456
3 Pyotr Kralik 2: On the giant , 4 10,4 , 4 10,4 1 3346
4 Balance 3: At the behest of the devil $ 10.02 $ 43.77 2 3237
5 Cruella , 7 6,7 , 9 55.96 3 3307
6 Mustang of the Wild Valley: The Road to Freedom 5 2,5 , 9 10,9 2 3394
7 House Next Door: Meet the Blocks2 0 1,06 0 1,06 1 420
8 Someone who is angry $ 0.62 , 9 25,97 6 1207
9 Queen bees $ 0.33 $ 0.33 1 500
10 Spiral: The new chapter in the SA series $ 0.31 $ 22.61 5 1572

Next week, the only big premiere will be coming to theaters on Wednesday. After that Lionscate will introduce action comedy bodyguard and professional wife.

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