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Bożena Dykiel returns to salons after scandal with “magic goggles” and lost photojournalists: “Ditch!” (Pictures)

Bożena Dykiel returns to salons after scandal with "magic goggles" and lost photojournalists: "Ditch!"  (Pictures)

In November last year Bożena DykielSitting on the sofa in the studio “Dzień Dobry TVN”, she gave an “unforgettable” show, which so far provokes trembling in the lower spine. The “Na Wspólnej” star was invited to the iftar party for her participation in the campaign “Gloom faces. I don’t judge. I accept.”. The actress showed a huge lack of knowledge, claiming that the cause of the serious illness was Lithium deficiencythen he ignored the text completely and started talking about it covid conspiracy theories. The announcement was the culmination of a strange performance space glasses.

Dykiel’s words were negatively met by netizens and famous personalities as well as the initiators of the campaign against depression, who They quit further collaboration with the actress. The network was rife with rumors about A star was expelled from the series “Na Wspólnej”.Which would be a serious decision because Maria Zięba’s character has been with viewers for nearly 20 years. finally Dickeel She did not lose her job in the blockbuster TVN movie, but many fans turned away from her.

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After the scandal in “Dzień Dobry TVN”, the actress disappeared from show business, avoiding being in the spotlight. The big comeback came about six months after the unfortunate interview – during the festivities Film Group X’s 50th Anniversary. Dickeel came to the Kultura cinema in Warsaw, but was enraged at the sight of the paparazzi and tried. Chase. The unpleasant meeting was described on the Kulturalnipl Facebook profile:

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Bożena Dykiel, a controversial actress, Today she showed her rudeness again. On her way to the launch of the 50th anniversary of the “X” movie set, the actress covers herself, “Get out, get out, get out,” she shouted to the photojournalists.. This is another similar job to this lady. We read in the entry.

The comment section was reported by netizens who saw the star’s reaction unfavorably:

Something really bad happened to her for a while; And she looked like a cute grandmother – They wrote.

There were also users who defended the Maria Zięba series, persistently noting the behavior of the photojournalists:

I wonder how you would react if you were accompanied by literally flashes of prying paparazzi cameras at every turn; Shamshi is just reporters, squeezing the crowd and crawling on your back – They were nervous.

Do you think Dickel reacted too violently?

If I don’t want to be photographed, why should I attend a media event?

Do you suggest any noise in your photos?

The big star is persecuted by the paparazzi 😉

Dickel was right. The epidemic ended suddenly hahaha

They’re chasing after her for the fault of a well-known case, she didn’t take pictures of herself with sprays all over her face, but she said what 95 percent of the actors didn’t dare say. respect.

Recent Comments (61)

What the reporter Bożena not understood is not Kardashian and fortunately, if someone does not understand the words – he is not stronger.

Reporters don’t like people who don’t play for one goal, don’t play and get caught

He has the right not to wish journalists what they do not understand

Such troubles I am afraid that when it blows from the east, there will be nothing to breathe

P Bożenka, you are a wonderful person and you said to take people, let them take these pictures and make them their own bread

In my opinion, you should respect each other – taking hidden pictures in private situations of people I know is too much for me, but if they take pictures in front of a movie theater where the actress works, what’s the problem?

Somehow, I never liked this woman. Zero accuracy, and after visiting TVN and its arguments, I completely lost it in my eyes

This was the turn of the photojournalists, and Mr. Dekel was just a roommate.

I find mental illness in the author of this article. Diagnosis: this disease occurs in jokers who, above all, love money.

When I look at her, I’m surprised she didn’t bite them..

They were not photojournalists! These are just people like Michao Dzidzic!

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