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Brad Pitt sues Angelina Jolie. It was meant to “destroy his company and his reputation.”

Brad Pitt sues Angelina Jolie.  It was meant to "destroy his company and his reputation."

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for many years were considered one of the most stable couples in the show business, until they received the nickname “Brangelina” – until 2016, when the actress decided to file for divorce, revealing more and more unpleasant situations over time. During her relationship with Pete.

It was finally completed only three years later, however, and communications between Pete and still remain precarious. And the actress suggested, among other things, that the ex-husband was the perpetrator of domestic violence. The situation that was decided on the separation of the spouses on the plane was supposed to happen when Beth was under the influence of alcohol about to scream and hit their son. The actor, in turn, called the relationship with Jolie “12 years of hell.”

“I was afraid for my family, my whole family,” Jolie said in an interview with “The Guardian” in September 2021, also confirming that, among other things, difficult personal experiences motivate her to fight for human rights.

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Jolie was supposed to “harm the company and damage Brad Pitt’s reputation”

This time it was Pete who decided to go to court. According to People magazine, his attorney He accuses Jolie of “willfully damaging his business” and damaging the reputation he has built so carefully. It mainly concerns the vineyard, and at the same time the Miraval brand, which they co-owned during the marriage, while after the separation, Angelina Jolie was destined to sell its shares to a “stranger” of dubious reputation.

In 2008, the couple acquired a controlling stake in Chateau Miraval, a castle and vineyard in southern France, which they then bought for $57 million, and finally married there in 2014. They vacation there regularly with their children. , which makes the accommodation a very important place for all the Jolie-Pitt family.

When, after the breakup, Brad took his beloved there, Angelina was really in a daze: “Angie is furious and totally stunned that Brad might be acting like this.” – Mirror reported, stressing that, according to the words of an anonymous informant, inviting a new partner to his former family home is “unacceptable” for Angelina.

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From passion to action. History of the Maraval brand

Now the actress claims that Jolie tried to “deliberately harm him” by selling her stake in the company. He had to make a deal with Angelina, and they agreed not to dispose of the Maraval stock without the consent of the other party. His attorneys assert in the lawsuit (filed in Los Angeles County Court on June 3) that Château Miraval (specializing mainly in pink wine) became Pete’s “passion”, thanks to which he quickly grew into a scale of “multi-million, global business.”

Pitt also accuses Jolie of “having not contributed to the success of the brand in any way”, and is now acting at her expense. How?

The actress sold her shares to a Russian billionaire?

In the application, the 58-year-old’s legal representatives note that Jolie secretly disposed of her stake in the vineyard, and sold it to Tenute del Mondo – a company that was “appointed to control Miraval” as well as “indirectly control” by Russian billionaire Yuri Scheffler, Responsible for the Stoli Group (Source: “People”).

The lawsuit stated that Jolie was supposed to “initiate and then secretly terminate the sale of Pitt, intending to violate her prior arrangements.” According to the actor’s team, the Russian businessman is planning a “hostile takeover of Miraval” and is trying to obtain “confidential and proprietary information” from the actress about one of the competitors.

The lawsuit also contains theses about the “ruthless way of doing business” and the Russian’s suspicious connections, which threaten Brad Pitt’s reputation and his carefully built investments. “Angelina Jolie tried to force him into a partnership with a stranger, and even worse, a stranger with impure intentions and toxic relationships,” the lawyers say.

The actress has not yet decided to comment on the matter. It is not yet known how much compensation Pete will claim, as announced in the letter.

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