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Brave lion cubs. Free self defense course for kids – Legnica

Brave lion cubs.  Free self defense course for kids - Legnica


Brave lion cubs. Free self defense course for kids

As part of the municipal project Zdrowa Legnica, the second edition of the free self-defense course with the “Shodan” martial arts club will start in November. This time it targets the youngest residents of the city. During the next four fall meetings, Brave Lion Cubs will gain the skills and knowledge that will help them defend themselves against an attacker or aggressive dog.

– However, the most important during the classes is to have fun together, to socialize and to spend time actively outside the home – says Jerzy Łabiński, who runs the course.

Turns out, the previous family version of “Brave Lions” was an attraction. After a few days, there were not enough places for organized classes, and those wishing were put on the reserve list. We also invite you to register at Jerzy Łabiński, tel. 605392308, e-mail: [email protected] Free admission.

The Children’s Self Defense Course is a joint initiative of City Hall in Legnica and the “Shodan” martial arts club, as part of the Healthy Legnica project. KGHM Polska Miedź is the partner in this event.

Dates: 19.11 / 26.11 / 03.12 / 17.12,
time: 12.00-13.30,
Venue: OSIR Sports Hall, Mujahideen. Sigmoh 3a.

November 19, 2022
fighting position. Learn basic and heel punches, knee kicks. Ways to free yourself from the grip of one or two hands. Incorporate games and activities. Elements of defense against aggressive dog attack. Recognize aggressive behavior in dogs.

November 26, 2022
Learn to roll safely. Learning in the form of games using sensory hats, skateboards and scooters.

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Lion Berek Collection Integration Games. The interaction of lion cubs in the herd. Ways to help the attacking friend / colleague.

return the material. Lion cubs break the boards. Learn how to break boards with reusable boards and training discs. After the initial preparation, the children break the plank of real pine wood.

Enlarge photo: brave lion cubs.  Free self defense course for kids

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