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Brazil is one of the most populous countries in terms of population The world

Oh Brazil Passed United States, Mexico e Peru Last two weeks and The U.S. has become the country with the highest number of Govt-19 deaths in relation to its population, Point to data from “Our World Data”.

Oh Brazil There are currently 1,756 deaths per million people, and more than that Mexico On April 7, the Peru 13 and the United States On the 14th. 10 countries with the highest proportion of deaths in the United States:

  1. Brazil: 1,756 deaths per 1 million people
  2. Peru: 1.722
  3. United States: 1.713
  4. Mexico: 1.646
  5. Panama: 1.434
  6. Colombia: 1.342
  7. Chile: 1.317
  8. Argentina: 1.310
  9. Bolivia: 1.083
  10. Ecuador: 1.003

In absolute terms, United States Covid-19 is the most affected country in the world (567 thousand), followed by Brazil (373 thousand) and Mexico (212 thousand).

Last week, the epidemic worsened in South America, The The world has reached the tragic mark of 3 million deaths by Govt-19.

The situation in the region has worsened Brazil, It is South America is currently the region with the highest number of deaths due to the new corona virus in the world, Ahead of Europe.

Worker prepares coffin at factory in Nova Iguao, Rio de Janeiro on April 12 amid outbreak of new corona virus in Brazil – Photo: Pilar Oliver / Reuters

Until the beginning of February, When it recorded about 1 thousand deaths a day (one-third of the current record), Oh Brazil It had the 7th highest proportion of deaths on the continent. Except United States, Mexico e Peru, Was after seeking Panama, Colombia e Argentina.

Govt-19 is lower than the average number of victims and its population United States, Mexico, Peru, Panama e Colombia.

The death toll has risen in the country, which has reached more than 4,200 in a single day, Oh Brazil The average death toll has risen to 13 today from 5 people infected with the new corona virus for every 1 million in mid-February.

Now, in addition to leading the tragic brand in the United States, Oh Brazil It is the 13th country with the highest proportion of deaths in the world. 20 countries with the highest proportion of deaths in the world:

  1. Czech Republic: 2,654 deaths per 1 million people
  2. Hungary: 2.606
  3. San Marino: 2.563
  4. Bosnia and Herzegovina: 2.373
  5. Montenegro: 2.275
  6. Bulgaria: 2.186
  7. Northern Macedonia: 2.132
  8. Belgium: 2.048
  9. Slovakia: 2.034
  10. Slovenia: 2.000
  11. Italy: 1.933
  12. UK: 1.878
  13. Brazil: 1.756
  14. Peru: 1.722
  15. United States: 1.713
  16. Portugal: 1.661
  17. Mexico: 1.646
  18. Spain: 1.646
  19. Poland: 1.639
  20. Croatia: 1.598

Since the beginning of February, the Brazil Passed the proportional ranking of many countries affected by the very strong waves of Govt-19 Portugal, Spain, France e Sweden.

Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tetros Adanom Gabrias, warned this Monday (19) In the last seven days, the world has recorded more than 5.2 million new cases of Kovit-19 And deaths rose for the fifth week in a row.

“Big numbers can make us insensitive,” Caprais said. “But each of these deaths is a tragedy for families, communities and nations.”

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