October 18, 2021

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Brazil stays out of an agreement with Latin America to protect the rights of environmental activists | Natural

The first-ever-unique-environmental agreement to protect the human rights of environmental activists went into effect on Thursday (22). Is called Escos Agreement, Signed the agreement between Latin America and the Caribbean. Brazil does not adhere to the commitment.

Considered one of the most dangerous regions in Latin America for those working to protect environmental rights. Focuses on 60% of all murders against registered environmental activists in the world.

“In 2019, 210 environmentalists were killed in the world, two-thirds of our region and in 2020 it was the worst,” said Alicia Barcena, general secretary of the ECLAC, a company that promoted the agreement with Costa Rica.

The agreement is aimed at protecting the environment and the health of the people, especially the tribal people. The agreement also aims to promote public participation in environmental contributions, access to information and justice.

Brazil did not abide by this agreement

Created in 2018 in Escos, Costa Rica, the agreement was initially signed by 21 countries. At the time, Brazil was among the countries that signed the document, but did not recognize it.

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After the entry of Mexico and Argentina, the deal progressed. On January 22 this year, the UN approval was deposited – a document proving the commitment of the signatories.

In the recorded message, the UN. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said the implementation of the agreement “gives confidence and inspiration to control climate change, biodiversity and natural pollution and paves the way for sustainable and flexible regulation.” Environment.

In a note, the UN. The US Commission on Human Rights (IACR) has encouraged countries that have not yet reached an agreement.

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