July 28, 2021

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Break into the rival team of Polish volleyball players at the Olympic Games.  The legend ends her career

Break into the rival team of Polish volleyball players at the Olympic Games. The legend ends her career

The atmosphere of the Iranian national team before the Olympics is very tense. There is a struggle between the opponents of the Poles group on the line of Farhad Al-Qaim – Vladimir Kno. The Iranian player described the coach as a “puppet” who allows himself to be manipulated, and leads the Iranian national team only because he cares about money. This information is provided by Iranian media.

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Polish volleyball players are already in Japan. The trip was reported on Instagram

Alkno himself referred to the conflict at a press conference. – I did not want to comment on this, but it is a very hot topic in Iran. The most important difference between me and the cloud is that I am older than him. Talking about the titles and honors of the national team, he has not even achieved a hundred of what I am now. I called him to talk, but he answered me in the newspapers – the Russian coach admitted, citing Tasnim News.

– When I joined the team I asked him what about Gimme. I heard he said goodbye to the national team. Now I’m told it’s ready to go Toys. I said that if he was fully prepared for the match, I wouldn’t mind if he joined the training camp. But I noticed that he was not in good shape and thanked him after training – Alkno explained at the conference.

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Vladimir Alekno will end his coaching career after the Olympics

Vladimir Alekno has already admitted that he does not intend to continue his coaching career after the Olympic Games in Tokyo. If we can achieve success in the Olympics, it will be the best end of my career. The decision is final and after Tokyo I will end my coaching career – the Russian coach confirmed.

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The first match in the Tokyo Olympics will be held on Saturday, July 24 at 12:40 GMT, and the competitor Polish national team It will be Iran. Live coverage on Sport.pl and in the Sport.pl LIVE mobile application.