October 21, 2021

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breakthrough!  UEFA focused on the topic of the Premier League.  I issued a special statement titled Football

breakthrough! UEFA focused on the topic of the Premier League. I issued a special statement titled Football

48 hours. About this time the threat of invasion continued Premier League in the applicable order football. The great revolution led by Andrea Agnelli, Juventus player and Florentino Perez real Madridhave been cancelled. The list of the twelve founding members began to shrink rapidly, starting with the tide of English clubs. In the end, they not only gave up on the idea of ​​creating their own games real MadridAnd F.C.B I Juventus.

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These three clubs were severely punished by UEFA, which announced that they would be excluded from participation Champions LeagueEven for two consecutive seasons. But in the end it turned out that UEFA did not have the legal tools to punish Real, Barcelona and Juventus in this way. We are pleased that we will not be subject to constant threats from UEFA in the future. We remain loyal to the goal of project development Premier League In a constructive and supportive way, including fans, players, coaches, clubs, national and international leagues, federations and federations – we read in a statement from the Superliga founders in July.

Subsequently, “Marca” reported that a court in Madrid had ordered the European football headquarters to cancel the sanctions imposed on Premier League clubs. UEFA had five days to do so. In early July, the UEFA Court of Justice ordered UEFA to close disciplinary proceedings against Premier League clubs. Aleksandr Ceferin and Associates threatened three clubs with a fine of 100 million euros for non-compliance.

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Now, however, a court in Madrid has declared that UEFA must retract this. UEFA has not demonstrated compliance with the agreed precautions. Judge Manuel Ruiz de Lara said UEFA stands outside the rule of law, and publicly promotes practices that undermine the principle of free competition.

UEFA statement. “The procedures are void as if they were never opened.”

UEFA Regarding the whole case, it issued an official statement saying that it has discontinued the proceedings against the penalty of Real, Barcelona and Juventus. “In a case relating to a possible breach of the UEFA legal framework in relation to the so-called ‘Premium Visitor’, the UEFA Appeal Committee declared the proceedings invalid, as if they had never been opened,” the statement read.

“UEFA notes that the announcement of the UEFA Appeals Body follows a formal judicial notification to UEFA of a few days to comply with the decision of the Commercial Court No. 17 in Madrid. […] UEFA has informed these nine clubs that in order to avoid unnecessary complications in Madrid, UEFA will not require payment of any of the amounts listed in the May announcement, as long as the relevant court proceedings are pending” – you can read later in the statement.

However, the possibility of filing a disciplinary action at a later time was left open. This comes after a Spanish referee last week gave the European Football Association (UEFA) five days to confirm that it will abide by the court’s ruling and will not penalize teams for their participation in the Premier League, because they were at risk of exclusion from the Premier League. Champions League.

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The case was also referred by the Madrid judge to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg.

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Der Spiegel reveals: Work is underway on a new Super League. UEFA will abide by it

Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid are still struggling to create competition, and the new plan is to link them to the UEFA competition, German “Der Spiegel” reported. The teams contracted with the lobbying agency Flint to improve the image of the new competition in the world. One of the concepts involved assumes that there are two categories: Superleague 1 and Superleague 2. Two categories mean the relegation and promotion system, and 20 clubs will participate in both. You can read more about it Here.