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Breast augmentation using aquafilling: complications after the operation

Breast augmentation using aquafilling: complications after the operation

Aquafilling, or so-called non-surgical breast fillers, has been a recommended method for several years for women who want to improve the appearance of their bust. Unfortunately, it turned out that the preparation used in the procedure causes painful and dangerous complications. What is worse, as the specialists confirm in interviews with the correspondents of the TVN program Attention! There is actually no way that symptomatic patients can fully recover.

– Every day there are new patients. Recently, there was a patient at night, who had an abscess in the breast after filling with water and a rupture – says the professor. Bartłomiej Noszczyk from the Clinical Hospital of CMKP im. W. Orofsky in Warsaw.

– In my ward, about 200 patients are treated after filling with water – the doctor adds.

Anna Skura on aquafilling: “I thought it would be fine with me”

Anna Skora is a well-known traveler and blogger. A few years ago I decided to undergo breast augmentation.

– The doctor who was taking care of me suggested that my chest was full by aquafilling method. He emphasized about safety that it was actually a non-invasive method – says the woman. She admits: – I was pleased with the result. I heard about the fact that this setup is dangerous about two years ago. I’ve found a lot of women use it, maybe it’s someone else, maybe I’ll be fine. Another two years went by and I noticed a change and knew I had to go to the doctor and get it checked out.

The diagnosis was unambiguous: the gel eaten during the procedure is dangerous for your health. Anna Skora had to undergo surgery.

A few years ago, a few years ago, when women who had complications after having this gel began to report to doctors, aquafilling gel was a victim of hydrogel. Their dramatic stories were presented by the supervisor’s reporter. When it turned out that the lotion wreaked havoc on women’s bodies, the manufacturer withdrew it from the market, but replaced it with a new Los Deline gel, with the same composition. Soon its sales were banned in Poland.

Symptoms after the water filling: “After about a year and a half I felt severe swelling and pain”

Katarzina Kaczmaric spoke about her experience with aquafilling two years ago. To this day, he can’t come to terms with what the gel distributor for Poland said about the injured women at the supervisor.

– These are media reports … I have not heard of such patients, the percentage of such procedures is so small that there is no problem – he said.

I don’t know if I feel sad, angry or disappointed. I think all at once, in a way that I thought after the second cleaning was over. And for several months, I’ve been running around the doctors again looking for help on what to do with the remains – says Mrs. Catarzina.

Ms. Katarzina is one of the few who talk openly about the procedure and its complications. Most victims – for various reasons – prefer not to be identified.

– I learned from my friend that it could lead to death and disability, so I tried to remove it three times. I hope the doctors do their best to get her out. I know it’s impossible to get it all out, but how much they could have done – says one of the women the reporter spoke to.

– After about a year and a half, I felt severe swelling and pain. s.Thus, the inflammation began, in the case of one breast there was nothing to save, there was a huge amount of damage. The doctor performed a mastectomy, and in the second case, he left two thirds of the breast Another woman says.

Doctor: “Breast cleansing does not eliminate this product”

Clinical Hospital Orłowski in Warsaw is one of the few facilities in Poland where women are treated after treatment with aquafilling. Professor Bartłomiej Noszczyk and his team launched a three-year research program here to provide comprehensive assistance to victims.

– Many patients feel fear for their health, because they have heard from relatives or television about some serious complication, and even if nothing happens to them at this stage, they are, of course, afraid that it will happen – says Ewa and Nyak – Roszkowska, resident doctor in plastic surgery.

In fact, it is incurable, because unfortunately it should be called that The professor confirms. Bartłomiej Noszczyk. She adds: – Small amounts of this product are distributed throughout the body. It appears in the lymphatic system and migrates to various tissues. And cleansing the breasts does not eliminate this preparation. In turn, its presence is likely to be associated with susceptibility to autoimmune diseases.

Patients continue to return to hospitals. ”I had two breast cleansing treatments and thought most of the way was gone. Unfortunately, it turned out that in the upper part of the breast, where it was not possible to clean it, I have very large bumps, reservoirs with some fluid. In fact, everything is beginning to take on a larger scale, and therefore I feel discomfort, which is just a pain – admits Katarzyna Kachmarek.

– It turns out that after the next two years it causes me more diseases and this year I underwent a cleaning. But then, I had another infection, a cysto-surgery, and two months later another infection appeared. This year, I had three surgeries says one of the women.

It must be said clearly and clearly, it is reprehensible that hundreds of young women should be hurt in this way. I like to call it by its name, this is banditry. This is a crime. The professor says that the fact that the lotion causes such terrible damage and that something like this enters the market is, in my opinion, unbelievable. Bartłomiej Noszczyk.

What about the Patient Rights Ombudsman?

Dozens of victims were reported to the Ombudsman for Patients’ Rights, but according to him – women who suffered various types of health injuries after giving aquafilling gel may be several thousand. In the cases the ombudsman investigated, the names of a dozen or so doctors from all over Poland appeared. Do paramedics know the damage of the gel?

– Doctors have been trained by the distributor. They’ve been assured that it’s a product with safe ingredients — says Tomasz Młynarski of the Patient Ombudsman’s office. He adds: – It should be noted that many years ago in the professional world literature there were reports of incidents related to the preparation of aquafling. These were reports of serious incidents of infections, non-healing wounds and fistulas. Breast deformity or even cancer at the injection site.

So doctors say they don’t know about it?

– This is the line of defense and translation for the persons involved in the use of this product. The speaker believes that this does not absolve him of responsibility, which is why we found a violation of the patient’s rights in these cases, Minarsky asserts.

According to the spokesman, the rights of patients, among other things, to health services, as well as information about their health, were violated. This opinion may be useful in court proceedings, because only in this way will victims be able to pursue any lawsuits.

– These ladies have been subjected to harm such as deformation of the body, scarring, and destruction of muscles and tissues. Attorney Joanna Lazer argues that such damages entitle a civil claim for compensation. He adds: – To date, more than 200 women have contacted me. We’ve given dozens of tips, and there are several cases pending. Dozens of these ladies don’t want to go to court for the simple reason, they shy away from questions like what did I need to do. In my opinion, such questions cannot be asked, because you may also ask why a person wants to go to the hairdresser or why he uses the services of an orthodontist. Reducing the decision to enlarge breasts to the vanity of these ladies is unfair and harmful.

“Sometimes I get mad at myself for having this idea at all.” On the other hand, I think there are a lot of people like me who, for various reasons, wanted to improve their appearance. And when you go to this reputable place, you go with a sense of confidence. All the time, I had the feeling that I cheated because I wasn’t aware of the applicability of such a preparation – says Katarzina.

The doctor who distributed aquafilling gel in Poland and who organized training for other doctors did not agree to meet in front of the camera.

– It seems to me that this product will appear, because it appeared under different names in Asian countries and I suspect that it will appear in neighboring countries, and perhaps in other countries of the European Union – says the professor. Bartłomiej Noszczyk.

author:Katarzina Lakoska

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