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Brexit wins as British space company’s revolutionary technology prepares to cut emissions | Science

Brexit wins as British space company's revolutionary technology prepares to cut emissions |  Science

Cardiff-based Space Forge, which was hailed earlier this week as Europe’s fastest-growing startup after winning record funding, is using microgravity to create products that would be impossible to produce on Earth. According to Space Forge, these products can help reduce emissions on Earth significantly and provide a significant support to industries that are difficult to decarbonize, such as transportation and manufacturing.

Co-founder Andrew Bacon told “We believe the best way to remove CO2 from the atmosphere is to stop producing it, and that means we need to create key industries like transport and communications and produce more efficient. They basically need less energy. .

“This requires high-performance materials — ultra-strong, lightweight alloys for aircraft, more conductive electronics for data centers, and exotic ceramics for furnaces. Manufacturing in space provides a shortcut to the next generation of smart, efficient materials that produce CO2 reduction benefits that far outweigh the weight of CO2 emissions during market and production.

Space Forge hopes to use the advantages of the space environment, microgravity, vacuum and temperature to produce Earth-orbiting materials in satellites.

Bacon added: “The types of materials that benefit from space fabrication are those that mix/grow very slowly, as these processes always work best under microgravity conditions.

“Also those materials that require ultra-clean conditions where pollutants are measured at parts per million levels, and so can use the super-vacuum freely available in Earth’s orbit.

“When the advantages are combined, superalloys, optical fibers and semiconductors are excellent examples, but millions of other new materials await our celestial planet.

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Threshold will be useful in global markets. “

The company now hopes to launch two missions where it will test the concept as the UK looks for new ways to cut emissions and achieve net zero targets.

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“This includes small satellite launchers, communication towers, removal of satellites from orbit and now also space production.”

The company argued that the materials and products it would produce in space would provide varying levels of performance and efficiency in energy-intensive infrastructure and systems.

Joshua Western, CEO and co-founder of Space Forge, added: “Our goal has always been to make space work for humanity and our planet, and this investment enables us to build first-generation platforms and carry out many missions to achieve that goal.”

“We are just getting started.”

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