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Britney Spears stands naked and drives with a blanket over her head

Britney Spears stands naked and drives with a blanket over her head

13 years ago, she would be 40 today Britney Spears She was probably going through the worst period of her life. The guardianship of her father, under whom she was located, so crippled the artist that she could not decide on her finances, as well as She was unable to make decisions about the formation of her family. Her father decided everything. A few weeks ago this situation changed. The court decided to release the artist from her father’s decision. The singer is so happy about that She decided to expose her naked body on social media. As if that wasn’t enough, The paparazzi caught her driving through the streets of California in their car with a blanket on her head. What was that about?

Britney Spears stands naked

For the past 13 years, Britney Spears has received constant support from her fans who never left her during the worst moments of her life. Since 2008, she has had to submit to the rules imposed by her fatherAnd She was only released in November of last year, which is less than a month before his fortieth birthday.

Despite her worst moments, Britney was still actively using social media. From the moment he gained freedom, his fans share his great joy. She expressed her happiness by posting nude picturesto which censorship has added a meaningful description.

Britney Books.

The post has received more than two million likes. Unfortunately, fans cannot share their joy with their favorite in the comments, because the artist has blocked the possibility of publishing it under her photos.

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Britney Spears caught driving a car with a blanket over her head

Unfortunately, after more than two months of regaining freedom, the star revealed himself in front of his fans. Paparazzi caught her driving her luxury white Mercedes through the streets of California. It wouldn’t be surprising if it weren’t for the fact that The singer was wearing a blanket.

It is undeniable that it was an irresponsible and risky move on the part of the American artist, because at any moment the blanket could completely obscure her vision on the road, which could lead to great distress.


Britney Spears

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