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Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz remember the wedding in “British Vogue”: a touching gesture from the mother of the bride, an apology from David and … a cheeseburger

Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz remember the wedding in "British Vogue": a touching gesture from the mother of the bride, an apology from David and ... a cheeseburger

wedding Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz For weeks the first topic in the media was gossip. I remember the eldest son David and Victoria Beckham And he married his mistress in early April in a big ceremony in Florida. Together with the newlyweds, a crowd of famous guests, including Eva Longoria if Serena Williamsand the Big Vita would cost £3.5 million – or roughly 20 million PLN.

It can feel like emotions after the wedding Brooklyn Beckham And Nicoli Peltz It has already decreased a little. However, the couple recently decided to remind the world of their fairy tale party and their appearance On the cover of the June issue of British Vogue. For a cover photo on the beach, the couple stood in their wedding dresses – Brooklyn appeared in a white suit, Nicolas once again presented the world with a dress by Valentino. Of course, several snapshots from Beckham’s joint session appeared inside the magazine. The lovers also gave an interview to the British “fashion bible”, in which they talked about the details of a luxurious wedding.

The lovers revealed that they are facing an epidemic Think of having two weddings At first intimate, then more generous. In the end, they decided that they dreamed of a wonderful wedding, so they decided to wait until they could organize the party, without fear for the health of the guests.

It turns out that Nicholas and Brooklyn swore allegiance to each other attended by 500 guests. During the ceremony organized on the property belonging to the father of the bride, notwithstanding the visual splendor, there were also funny feelings and moments. The groom’s father, David Beckham, gave a speech during the wedding, for example, And in it … he begged his son to forgive him the truth, He and Victoria dressed up as a cowboy at their wedding. In the conversation, the couple did not hide that they considered the wedding of Victoria and David a truly creative event. By organizing their own party, the couple was inspired, however, by another famous couple.

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their wedding [Davida i Victorii –] It was amazing and these photos are iconic, But the wedding that inspired us the most was Iman and David Bowie – Nicola confessed.

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In an interview with British Vogue, Peltz revealed some interesting details Related to creating your own wedding. It turns out that the celebrity’s mother, Claudia, asked for a seamstress Sewing in a Valentino dress, the so-called Eye of the Messenger – who was supposed to protect her from evil spirits. as I asked by when creating with blue thread embroider a special message for Nicola – which I only found out about after the party.

Nicolas my heart. You are me and you are all my love, all my life, my little girl – beautiful inside and out. I love my mother – Embroidered on Nicolas’ wedding dress.

Peltz did not hide the fact that her mother’s gesture affected her exceptionally well. as revealed When she discovered the unique embroidery, she was “burst in tears”. It turned out that Nicola’s creativity made a huge impression on her husband. In an interview, Brooklyn admitted that after seeing his future wife in a Valentino dress, he could not catch his breath.

The highlight of the wedding was seeing her for the first time in this dress. It was the first time in my life that I felt like I couldn’t catch my breath – He said.

Peltz walked to the altar with string orchestra accompaniment and vocals by British singer Seko. Nicholas and Brooklyn’s first dance They performed the hit song of Elvis Presley “Can’t help falling in love.” The bride and her father dance to the beat of Bette Midler’s “Wind Beneath My Wings.” During the wedding, guests were accompanied by a jazz quarter and a band of twelve.

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Couples and their guests can enjoy themselves Exquisite dishes from French Chef Thierry Isambert. The wedding menu included, among other things, halibut, filet ménon or ossobuko, there were also dishes filled with Nicola’s favorite fruit – dates. Interestingly, guests of Beckham can also eat less sophisticated dishes. Presented during the after party Cheeseburger, fries, and nuggets from Wendy’s food truck – That was supposed to be a Brooklyn idea. It should be noted that the cheeseburger is from the famous American fast food chain It costs less than $4 Which, given the staggering costs of the entire wedding, seems like an interesting detail.

As the lovers revealed, a few hours before the end of the party for the guests, Cruz Beckham’s godfather gave a speech, Mark Anthony. During the mini concert Brooklyn kidnapped a famous mom to dance After a while on the dance floor, they were joined by David and his daughter, Harper. Immediately after the show, the couple provided another tent for the guests, which was turned into a nightclub.

There were also some minor incidents during Beckham’s big wedding. The rabbi in charge of the ceremony spoke to Brooklyn twice, for example, after his father. Not only that, present at the event The reality show star accidentally fell to his knees deep in the water tanks surrounding the altar.

See what the cover of “Vogue” looks like with Brooklyn Beckhamn and Nicola Peltz.

You can envy her father-in-law, not her husband

Celebrity children without ambition

Poodles, write something specific, where they work, they live only paying pigs, this is good for Angola, they always feel submissive.

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Rich parents made their rich boring money and glamorous children a party, a great social event for Vogue fans, Valentino …. why all this, sick world … does this true love need such pomp, brilliance??? ? Where is this headed, sick idiot world

Write what studies this gentleman has finished, speaks what foreign languages, where this lady works.

In a few years you will see how handsome a man will be!

They are still touting their power, and may well have paid off in a year-long campaign at Vogue

This girl is the daughter of a millionaire and it looks like her hair has oxidized itself.

What do these people offer? If it wasn’t for the fame and money of my parents…

The worst pictures of the session are in Vogue Polska- Drama, are you with this editor-in-chief!!!

Poodles, write something specific, where they work, they live only paying pigs, this is good for Angola, they always feel submissive.

Two polite guys will not live 2-3 years Selfish children of millionaires in a moment there will be a divorce

They look “chosen” and “in love” like a certain aga with a certain pewter … Only here the couple met, and the bride was more unhappy than crazy, because she was very rich before the wedding.

What does Beckham do and what does he live? I’m not asking how much, but what fills time in your career?

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