September 21, 2021

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Brussels authorities have agreed to ban diesel engines and even all internal combustion vehicles

Brussels authorities have agreed to ban diesel engines and even all internal combustion vehicles

The local authorities in Brussels have presented a plan to phase out combustion cars in this city. Actually, that means Entering a driving ban dieselAnd later also gasoline cars. The Belgian capital wants to become climate-neutral by 2050. The governors also explain their ideas with a desire to reduce the number of diseases and save money on treatment.

There is already a low-emissions zone in Brussels and it was the research related to it that encouraged the authorities to plan such a strict ban. As of 2018, the amount of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) from transport in this region decreased by 11% and particulate matter by 11.5%. Ban diesel engines (producing more nitrogen oxides) from 2030 and gasoline cars from 2035. It is expected to reduce the number of diseases caused by nitrogen dioxide by 25% Not only is this to prevent the premature death of 100 to 110 people annually, it is also estimated to save between 100 and 350 million euros in treatment.

What does Brussels want to prepare in return? Significant investments must be made in public transportation. In addition, city authorities want to encourage residents to walk and cycle. City cars are also becoming more and more popular by the minute. Those who still want to use their four wheels will be encouraged to buy electric cars. From 2025, local authorities will be obligated to purchase electric vehicles.

We’ve been hearing for some time about plans to ban cars in various European cities. On the other hand, it can be said that nothing has been settled yet and that everything is still possible until the actual implementation of such a ban. on the other side It will be 2030 in 8.5 years, that’s soon قريب. Thus, the Brussels authorities must act if they really want to be prepared for such a change at the end of the decade.

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