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Budget 2022. There will be no salary increases in the budget sector. Trade unions protest

Budget 2022. There will be no salary increases in the budget sector.  Trade unions protest

The government assumes that in the coming year there will be no automatic wage increase in the budget sector, because it has proposed a zero wage growth rate. Trade unions are demanding 12% which would partly offset wage freezes in previous years.

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The union headquarters has not yet officially received these proposals, but the government has published the main budget assumptions of the draft budget law. It assumes, among other things, a GDP increase of 4.3%, inflation of 2.8%, and a wage increase in the business sector of 6.7%. And a zero growth rate for wages in the state’s general budget sector in 2022. The latter concerns 562 thousand. Posts.

– This is a bad and harmful decision not only for employees, but also for the entire economy. Wages to employees of the budget sector have been frozen longer, and we have a situation where inflation is much higher than originally assumed and this year may reach 3-4%, which reduces the real strength of employee salaries – says Entrea Norbert Kosiak, Director of the Department of Economic Policy and OPZZ Fund structural.

– As a union side, in May we proposed a wage growth rate of at least 12% for the budget area in 2022, which would also compensate for the wage freeze this year in the event of higher inflation – he adds.

Three headquarters have signed a common position on this issue: OPZZ, Trade Union Forum and NSZZ Solidarność.

– Wages have been frozen in the budget sphere in previous years, and taking into account inflation, this 12 percent is the absolute minimum to talk about any protection of the purchasing power of wages – says Marek Lewandowski, spokesperson for NSZZ Solidarność. As he adds, the union has been alarming for years that professionals are leaving the budget field.

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– The effects were especially evident during the pandemic, when, among other things, GIS, which had to face major challenges and had been stripped of funds for years and people were leaving there. This is a trivial approach to state work, because, on the other hand, we see job advertisements everywhere looking for budget employees – adds Marek Lewandowski.
OPZZ draws attention to similar problems and arguments.

– The public administration is struggling with staff shortages and has a lot of obligations, and due to the introduction of new anti-crisis shields, there have been more responsibilities. The private sector often reaches out to management employees, offering them higher wages. However, there is a close correlation between the improvement in the quality of state performance and the increase in the salaries of employees of the budget sector, which the government side does not notice. If entrepreneurs and citizens want to have friendly tax offices, quality healthcare, education and security, it is necessary to take an appropriate step on the reward side – says an OPZZ representative.

– All this is important to ensure the country’s innovation, competitiveness and effective implementation of government programs. Without increasing the salaries of employees of the budget sector, this will not be possible, and the goals set in the KPO or in the Polish Lada will not be achieved – Norbert Kosiak adds.

He also points out, even in the case of a growth rate adopted at the zero level, there may be cases when the head of a particular budget unit may decide to increase the salaries of individual employees, but the salaries must be increased in the entire budget sphere, since each employee must participate in economic growth. The more the government assumes, the higher the GDP rate for 2022.

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