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Businessmen are turning away from Trump. They don’t want to fund it

Businessmen are turning away from Trump.  They don't want to fund it

As shown CNBCAnd the Ronald Lauder, heir to the Estée Lauder fortune, which has an estimated net worth of nearly $4.5 billion, has no intention of financing the campaign. Donald Trump In the presidential elections in 2024. This is another “huge musician” from the Republican environment who “disassociates himself from Trump” when he A new race for the White House begins.

More billionaires are distancing themselves from Trump. They want to fund his rival

CNBC reports that Lauder and Trump have known each other since college and have been close for many years. In 2019, Lauder donated $100,000. Dollars to the Republican Elections Commission as the party tried to help Trump win again — eventually losing to Joe Biden — in the 2020 election.

Lauder has not said who he intends to support in the upcoming election, but CNBC confirms that he donated $100,000 in 2021 to the Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Support Committee. He is currently considered the main competitor to Trump in the Republican environment to become the official candidate of the party. However, DeSantis has not officially announced his candidacy.

Lauder announced his decision at the same time as Stephen Schwarzman, CEO of an investment group who has a net worth of about $30 billion. Schwarzman has also stated that he will not support Trump.

“It is time for the Republican Party to transform into a new generation of leaders, and I intend to support one of them in the election. America works best when its leaders are rooted in the present and the future, not the present and the past,” Schwarzman wrote in a statement.

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But Schwarzman and Lauder aren’t the first. Billionaire Kenneth Griffin, the financial industry mogul and CEO of the Citadel Fund, who has a net worth of about $31 billion, declared in June this year that he was “tired of Trump.”. as described PolicyGriffin is also willing to support DeSantis if he decides to run. The Citadel CEO donated $60 million to Republican candidates in the last Senate election alone, making him the third largest donor in the US overall.

However, it should be noted that Griffin has only directly supported Trump once, with a $100,000. Gap. at the beginning of its inaugural commission. Griffin told Politico that Trump “did a lot of things right” but got some important things wrong, too. Now, according to Griffin, it’s time to “pass on to the next generation.”

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