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But three Russians will not be allowed to perform in Poland?!

But three Russians will not be allowed to perform in Poland?!

In mid-September, the PZM authorities were scheduled to have a ready position on the possible admission of three Russians with Polish citizenship to the start of our league. The closer we get to the final decision, the more complicated things get.

Matthews Boca

Artiom Łaguta

WP SportoweFakty / Julia Podlewska / Pictured: Artiom Łaguta

A few weeks ago, it seemed almost certain that the PZM authorities would soften their previous position a bit and agree that Russians with a Polish passport would be treated in Polish patrols as Poles. It would be a compromise between the current total ban on Russian shows and the admission of all players from that country.

Thanks to this, the PZM avoided a protracted legal battle with Artiom Łaguta, who accused the Polish Federation of discrimination and violating the Polish constitution, and intended to fight for his rights in court. The stake in this dispute is not only acceptance of the contestant to start, but also – in the event of a favorable court ruling – compensation of millions of dollars to prevent profitable employment.

So far, PZM representatives have not agreed to allow Russians to take the national highway license exam, explaining that they have been competing under Russian licenses for years. Emil Sajvutdino and Artyom Agota have had Polish citizenship for many years, but so far they have proudly confirmed that they are Russian and that they have used Polish documents to facilitate movement between individual EU countries. Each of them wanted to represent Poland only when war broke out in Ukraine and the authorities of the Polish Federation imposed a driving ban for competitors from Russia. The third Russian highway racer with Polish citizenship, Andrei Kodriazzo, got up relatively recently and never had a chance to advance to riding as a pole.

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Originally, the Polish highway authorities gave themselves until mid-September and at that time they had to make the final decision. The closer we get to the deadline, the more complicated the issue becomes, and the future of the Russians in the Polish leagues is still unknown. Time is running out as the transfer period officially begins on November 1, by which time clubs need to know if they can sign these players.

Activists have already asked a law firm to explain the rulings some time ago and are awaiting an answer to the case to this day. However, PZM’s voices are often heard that as long as the lawyers in the current ban do not show a flagrant violation of the law, the ban will be maintained. Most of the community, including highway legends and Marek Cieślak, support this solution. The former national team coach said recently that allowing Sajfutdinow, Łaguta and Kudriaszow to ride would mean promoting fraudsters who take care of Polish documents beforehand, but in reality they never intended to start as Poles.

With the behavior of the PZM authorities and prolonged uncertainty, the representatives of For Nature Solutions at Apator Toruń are becoming more and more impatient, who have already built a train for next season with the intention of returning to lead Emil Sajfutdinow. If the player is ultimately not allowed to start in PGE Ekstraliga, the club will have a big problem finding a valuable replacement. It is known that the Apator authorities contacted the head of the PZM, Michał Sikora, about this, but did not receive an unequivocal answer.

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Betard Sparta Wrocław chief Andrzej Rusko watches over the quietest confusion, as he took precautions in case the ban on Artiom Łaguta was extended and Gleb Chujonwa was left in the composition.

So the coming weeks will be crucial not only for the clubs, but also for the players. Oftentimes they hear opinions from their environment that extending the ban for another year will mean that they will have to make the decision to end their careers and sell their motorcycles.

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