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Butter for 10 zlotys already at Christmas this year? Expert in the dramatic rise in oil, flour and sugar prices: It will only get worse

Butter for 10 zlotys already at Christmas this year?  Expert in the dramatic rise in oil, flour and sugar prices: It will only get worse

October data point to a significant increase in prices the prices food. When you compare last year’s prices to current prices, you can clearly see that we pay a lot more for some products. Among the most expensive commodities are basic necessities – such as fats and dairy products.

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This is how the prices of basic products have risen in a year. Standard holders for sugar and butter

How have product prices changed? This is clearly visible Thanks to CMR analytics. The examples below refer to prices for convenience stores (up to 300 square metres) recorded in October. Prices do not apply to average or specific brands, but to the leading product in a particular category. and yes milkWhich before a year cost 3.02 PLN, today it costs 4.34 PLN. Compared to last year, the price increase is 43.7 percent. ghee (200g, 82 percent), cost money a year ago PLN 5.47.00 zlotys Today it is already 8.78 PLN, Which means an increase of 60.5 percent year-on-year.

It is obviously more expensive egg. 10 pieces cost a year ago PLN 6.34, today is PLN 7.60.00 PLNThat is 19.9%. more. packaged sausage (120 grams) its cost PLN 5.78, today is PLN 6.14 – 6.2 percent more

He is the absolute record holder Sugar. For a product that was commissioned a year ago 3.02 You have to pay PLN today 6.62 PLN, which means 119 percent. growth in a year. The full report on the price hike will be published at next week.

Price Basket: A new record holder in increments. “More than 13 million kilograms of sugar were sold”

Butter for 10 PLN? It’s a moment, and when those boundaries break, things will only get worse

Andrzej Gantner, Director General of the Polish Federation of Food Producers confirmed in the interview that the price hike will continue at a rapid pace.

I’m afraid we’ll see 10 zlotys for butter not at Easter, but sooner, maybe in the coming holidays

– He said.

A couple of months ago, butter for 7-8 PLN seemed like a price shock. Today, apart from discount stores that take advantage of the effect of private label scale, branded butter costs 9 PLN. In fact, we do not lack this psychological barrier PLN 10

– added.

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According to the expert – once the psychological barrier of butter prices is broken – it will only get worse, and the prices of many food products may break the current highs. – Oil, flour, sugar, cold cuts, bread, dairy products and many others will rise until we control the increase in energy prices, which determine the increases in all production costs – the expert said.

In his opinion, urgent action by the government is necessary.

The government forgot that 60 percent. Products on the food market are produced by large companies. Which, unfortunately, despite the demands of the entire industry, cannot count on any freezing of energy prices. Therefore, we can expect another strong inflation driver for food prices. Everything is in front of us, and prices will rise when the announced electricity price increases come into effect. The situation was similar in the first quarter of this year, when gas prices for companies rose in January by as much as 500 percent.

– said the interviewer from

Andrzej Gantner also explained that prices will rise significantly unless the government actually agrees to protect large companies. – It will be worse, because today there are no indications that production costs will decrease slightly. The government has been deaf to arguments that big food companies are strategic in relation to food prices. And – so far – it does not want to be covered by the freezing of electricity prices. Meanwhile, the economy is a very strict mother – he said.

There are no miracles here. This is not a policy where things can be taken off the roof. I mean the real economy and not the party or the socialist. Food producers keep a clear profit and loss account. Companies have no choice. If they get a two or three times higher bill – for electricity or gas – they have to raise the price. and recover the costs incurred. Or stop production so as not to go bankrupt

– He said.

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He also emphasized that companies lie between a rock and a hard place. – They have to raise prices, otherwise they will go down, but – by raising prices – they risk falling customer turnover and losing customers. This is a very dangerous phenomenon called stagflation, which leads directly to stagnation.

Businesses do not have a money printing machine, unlike the government, their revenue and profits come from the real market

– Andrei Gantner said.

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Economist: Growth dynamics exceeds 60%. every year

In turn, Jacob Olibra, Chief Economist, Department of Macroeconomic Analysis, Credit Agricole Bank Polska, confirmed in the statement prepared for the website, that prices were rising not only in the statistics of the Central Statistical Office.

– According to the data GusButter prices are currently up more than 30% year over year. The situation for consumers is not facilitated by the fact that alternatives are also becoming more expensive, he said, with price dynamics in the “margarine and other fats” category exceeding 60% annually.

He also noted that butter prices vary widely between countries. – How much we end up paying for butter depends on the store we buy it in, its brand or its promotion. And, despite a little luck, you can still buy butter for less than 7 PLN per cube, and at the same time there are already prices in excess of PLN 10 – he added.

It also gives the expert hope of a regression. – However, it is worth noting that the main butter price increase in recent weeks stock exchange Obviously, his speed slowed down. It is expected that these trends will soon be reflected on store shelves – said Jacob Olebra.

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would it be worse? “Next Peak”

Justina Rybaka from the University of Banks in Gdynia explained in an interview with “Rzeczpospolita” that there are no reasons for lower prices. – Peak inflation is still ahead. There is no doubt that the increasing price increases in the domestic market are affected by factors such as lower production and higher transportation prices […]but also an increase in the prices of raw materials.

In her opinion, the Poles should prepare their wallets for expensive holidays. The period before Christmas will undoubtedly be a period of high prices. She added that December is marked by a spike each year, and with inflation rising since the start of 2022, vacations can be very expensive.

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