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Buying CoD: Modern Warfare 2 for multiplayer is like buying an iPhone 14

Buying CoD: Modern Warfare 2 for multiplayer is like buying an iPhone 14
September 19, 2022, 15:25

author: Dariush Matusiak “DM”

The multiplayer in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is actually the old multiplayer, but a little faster and with new colors. Just like the new smartphones with the apple logo. All changes and novelties are somewhat similar to the “s” version.

The first multiplayer beta tests call of duty modern warfare 2 Coinciding with the premiere of the new iPhone 14, dubbed the insidious iPhone 13s – it differs little from the previous model. And it’s hard not to avoid similar comparisons in the case of the latest online games koda. Fans of the series will probably exchange dozens of different tweaks in one breath, but for a casual player it’s almost the same as what we got back in the day. modern war And the VanguardaBut in different cover colors. I mean – with a different look for maps and operators!

But even in map designs, it blows to recycle ideas. We have a different version of the training shooting range again, a new demolished hotel and a new city with streets. There’s Captain Bryce who looks like he’s dressed up for Halloween, and we have the same menu and many more familiar things. This is clearly a hot feeling after seeing a bit of the game. The biggest novelty for me was the return to the third person perspective, which requires a slightly different style of play. Regardless, I had a complete déjà vu feeling and could easily do without the changes tested in the current version.

TTK – Pace, Pace Cadets!

As for the differences, I’ve already seen a heated discussion on Twitter where people who probably have the shutter resolution of the iPhone 14 Pro in their eyes analyzed the changes in TKK, i.e. the time after which you die from a blow. According to them It’s faster than before modern warBut slower than it is in Vanguarda. My eye scale doesn’t support milliseconds yet, so I’m on the side of those who describe TTK simply as “crazy” – crazy.

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shooting in CoD-zie It’s a real carnage of running and jumping on “innocents” with ADHD or campers. Shrapnel and corpses converge here in abundance – at least in traditional settings. When we have one life, i.e. in a prisoner rescue or knockout mode, it’s a bit quieter, but you can’t count on someone going to revive us. Usually, trying to revive a companion is your death. There is a more noticeable difference in the recoil of the weapon. Our loyal M4 in various flavors and sizes now has a much bigger punch and likes its barrel to bounce more with longer bursts.

Buying CoD: Modern Warfare 2 for multiplayer is like buying an iPhone 14 - Clarification #1

New Multi in CoD – New demolished hotel.

Swept Gunsmith 2.0.1 Update

However, it was a great idea to add the castle room as one of the main elements of the weapon, which completely changes the way you unlock other guns and their attachments. Thanks to this, you can, for example, quickly convert an M4 into an LMG assault rifle or an HK33 assault rifle in MP5 and you will not have to re-grind the basic accessories, but only the next batch, available later in each variant. This is part of a rebuilt component called Gunsmith 2.0. However, the downside to it is low intuition and clutter in the interface – you need to take some time to understand how this new system actually works.

The system has received a kind of development tree, and if you want to unlock more suspensions for a particular weapon, you need to install a new chamber and level the gun with slightly different parameters, such as the rate of fire. Compromising with a different chamber will result in the following variants of guns from a particular tree. It is a pity that the interface does not emphasize the levels required to unlock more on the screen and the need to zoom in and out on a particular tree image.

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TPP – now look at the side (sides)

On a Sunday evening, TPP viewing modes were made available – so I didn’t have time to make up my mind about it. If someone is really starting to get angry, don’t worry – TPP has separate matches from FPP and all players always see the same thing – although they can change their FOV (field of view). The dynamics of Deathmatch in TPP are completely different and the option to look from behind angles before exposing your character to your character’s view changes a lot. Already in the first matches it saved my skin several times. However, when targeting through tools, the camera reverts to FPP mode, similar to the new mode Ghost ReconachAnd in the long run, she started hitting me a little bit. This is a curiosity for me so far, and I think I prefer the standard first person perspective.

Buying CoD: Modern Warfare 2 for multiplayer is like buying an iPhone 14 - Clarification #2

You can feel the recycling of the previous Modern Warfare game on the shared maps.

MP5 – what is all this exploitation?

Most of the weapons in this beta testing phase were unlocked and officially unusable. However, players have found that when you create your own equipment and choose the rifle as the main rifle and a specific set of perks, the Lachmann 556 enclosed rifle jumps out as a second weapon and can be used freely. A few moments dedicated to leveling it allowed the Lachmann SUB’s breech chamber to be unlocked and with some additions to convert it into the popular MP5 submachine gun, which was particularly effective in this build. The creators announced that on Sunday this “bug” was corrected, but, perhaps, it was not entirely successful, because in the evening you can still get an MP5.

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iWarfare 2019s

After a few hours with a beta modern war 2 I turned on the Multi w for the first time over a year ago modern war From 2019 and…it was the same for me. I saw almost the same graphics, the same maps, commandos, only the recoil was much milder. And the lowest I was drawn to the new game only by wanting to unlock my favorite gun configurationsEspecially the MP5 exploit, which was hailed as an identification weapon for this build. It is a pity that it can be obtained immediately. After a few tests of his proficiency, my enthusiasm somehow subsided.

I’ll wait more, what the full version of the game will show, but in general I think the annual premieres of many years did a lot of harm Call of duty. Buy koda For a multiplayer, every year is like replacing a smartphone every twelve months – an option for the most dedicated fans.Who will be excited about the new way to unlock attachments and weapons, or the switch from spot-kill to scorestreaki. The rest are unlikely to lose much – especially now, when emotes can also be enjoyed online with the same weapons and players for free and Arzona. maybe campaign modern war 2 Will it surprise me more?

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