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Cab is too tall only in Poland? Additional clarification on the control DAF XG +

Cab is too tall only in Poland?  Additional clarification on the control DAF XG +

Referring to the text:

The new DAF XG+ in a surprise ITD announcement – the company rolled out a very long line

Just a few hours later, I received the first update on the inspection control of the new DAF XG. I spoke to the truck owner who confirmed the cause of the height problem, while I was still surprised by the whole situation.

The red jar turned out to be owned by the Panczo Company of Przecław near Szczecin. The truck has been operating on international roads for nearly half a year, towing a fully standard Kögel trailer, which is 13.6 meters high. Thus, this means that the non-standard length of the group of 0.4 m, which was rejected by the examination, resulted only from the body of the tractor unit. In other words, the problem turned out to be exactly this additional part allowed under EU Regulation 2015/719 as of September 1, 2020. This is exactly the following condition to which DAF is officially committed as a manufacturer:

In order to improve energy efficiency, in particular with regard to the aerodynamic characteristics of the cabin, as well as the safety on the roads, vehicles or groups of vehicles that meet the requirements set forth in Clause 2 and the requirements of Directive 2007/46/EC, may exceed the maximum lengths stipulated in point 1.1 From Annex I to this directive, provided that their cabins provide better aerodynamics, energy efficiency and safety. Vehicles or combinations of vehicles fitted with these cabins shall comply with the requirements of Point 1.5 of Annex I to this Directive, and exceeding any maximum length shall not overburden them.

The second thing is that Panczo already has two types of DAF XG+ aircraft, both of which have been operating on international routes for several months and so far the length has not been an issue at all. The trucks were checked abroad, and one of them even passed dimensional checks in Germany. However, the local police had no objections to the length of the car, so it appears that they have complied with the new EU rules. In any case, I myself have not heard of a similar problem in any other country, and we are talking about a truck that is available throughout Europe and has already been delivered in thousands of copies. So WITD Szczecin’s decision may be even more surprising.

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As already announced, I applied to GITD and WITD Szczecin with a request to clarify this situation. When I can get any info, I’ll get back to the topic.

Counting from the back, this is where the XG / XG + 16.5 metres:

Picture of DAF Danmark . trucks

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