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Cable networks and satellite platforms are losing subscribers to Comcast Xfinity Sky for streaming services in the USA and UK

Cable networks and satellite platforms are losing subscribers to Comcast Xfinity Sky for streaming services in the USA and UK

The Xfinity brand of the US concern offers cable television, broadband Internet and telephone services. In the third quarter of 2022, it acquired 14 thousand. Internet clients. This is an improvement compared to the second quarter of this year, when the company did not notice an expansion in its subscriber base. The number of television subscribers decreased by 561 thousand. According to data from Leichtman Research Group, in the third quarter of last year all major US cable operators lost 653,000 subscribers.While in the same period in 2020, only 90 thousand.

Live streaming services are urging customers to opt out

Comcast does not hide that the decline in the number of customers using traditional pay-TV services is linked to the growth of streaming services. In the US, Comcast’s Peacock platform has surpassed 15 million regular paying subscribers. This is a 70 percent increase. Compared to the same period in 2021. Comcast’s third-quarter revenue fell 1.5 percent. Up to $29.85 billion This performance is higher than expectations as it was expected to reach $29.65 billion.

In the UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Italy, Sky, which is also affiliated with Comcast, saw its revenue fall 14.7%. up to $4.3 billion However, the number of subscribers and subscribers increased by 300 thousand. Up to 23 million this happened because of the upcoming World Cup in Qatar. Football games started faster in many countries, which is why more people signed up for Sky streaming services in the third quarter. In 2021, Sky platforms and services in Europe lost nearly 200,000. customers.

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In developed markets, cable networks and digital platforms are losing subscribers to streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and HBO Max. You do not have to enter into long-term contracts with them. So far, traditional operators are launching their own streaming services and trying to become an aggregator for this type of service. Xfinity and Sky showcased their TVs for live streaming and Sky I also recently implemented the Sky Stream plug-in. Such actions are only partially successful. Due to the large segmentation of SVoD platforms in the market and the high subscription fees for pay TV IPTV piracy is booming in the United States.

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