October 19, 2021

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Calculations show that an uncontrolled Chinese rocket could crash into Brazil

Oh The Chinese Long March 5B rocket, which is expected to fall to the ground this Sunday (9) It is possible to reach some parts of the Brazilian territory. Estimates by the Brazilian Meteorological Network (Brahman), meteorological agency Clima o Vivo and the international community show a 1.48% chance of re-entering Brazil. The forecast was updated on Friday (7) at 6 p.m.

Calculations have predicted that a return to Earth’s orbit should occur more or less next Sunday (9) 9h53, for the duration of Brasilia, with a margin of 12 hours error. During this period, he must travel through Brazil at least four times. The chance of him being seen is 3%.

China used the rocket to launch the main block of the country’s first permanent space station into orbit. Upon entering the Earth’s atmosphere, Long March 5B splits into several pieces and reaches different locations. About 60% and 80% of the rocket must fully evaporate before reaching an altitude of 60 km. The resistive parts must continue to deteriorate for kilometers until the atmospheric resistance pieces slow down.

Tennyson Rocha, CEO of Clima O Vivo, said, “Every hour that passes, the calculations are repeated, and more accurate, but what we can guarantee is that in the event of a re-entry into Brazil, about 350 clima cameras and Vivo Brahman will record the event.”

The remaining rocket debris is expected to spread to the Earth’s surface, slowing down and eliminating the risk of explosion.

* With information from CNN Brazil

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