April 14, 2021

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California Amusement Parks Reopen After Nearing 1 Year | The world

Amusement parks in California, To us United States, Returned to work this Thursday (1st) after being closed for almost a year due to infection Govit-19.

Regional health officials have authorized the reopening As long as continuous health measures are respected:

  • Capacity is limited 35% efficiency Max
  • Use of masks It is mandatory throughout the place
  • Only State residents Can attend
  • Advanced cleaning And accessible cleaning points

Employee checks a visitor’s ticket to an amusement park in California, USA on April 1, 2021 – Photo: Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

But he said the California government could step back at any time and impose more restrictions, which should see an increase in the number of epidemics.

Reopened first Six Flags Magic Mountain, Near Los Angeles. Another park open to the public LegolandIn Southern California.

Further Two state parks have already announced their return this month, If activities are not restricted:

  • Universal Studios, On April 16th
  • Disneyland, On April 30th

The roller coaster operates at the Amusement Park in California, USA on April 1, 2021 – Photo: Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

Jerry Certonio, spokesman for Six Flags, told Reuters that they had chosen to further restrict entry. Reached only 15% of the park’s capacity On the first day of operations.

Explained that there are Temperature measurement At the entrance, a box office staff is guarded Acrylic palette That’s it Not at all Rows of roller coasters Are filled.

“Only groups of people who came together can enter the toys,” Certonio explained. “We clean the whole park often. Our cleaning teams clean everything.”

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