October 21, 2021

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California is the “most cryptocurrency-ready” US state

According to A new study was conducted By cryptocurrency, California is the most “cryptocurrency-ready” jurisdiction in the United States. Thanks to the growing interest in phytomats and digital assets among residents of the state.

California, with a score of 5.72 out of 10, is ahead of New Jersey (5.44), Texas (5.28), Florida (5.03) and New York (4.29). This state’s result is also 2.54 points higher than the national average.

The results were compiled using indicators such as Google searches, the number of installed phytomats and the number of blockchain laws enacted in each state. California topped the list of Google searches and number of crypto ATMs. Both of these positive factors make up for the lack of cryptocurrency.

In comparison, New York passed eight crypto laws, but ranked 33rd for Pythomot installation. There are a large number of crypto ATMs in New Jersey covering 10,000 square miles. The state had the third highest result in terms of Google searches per 100,000 citizens. Texas and Florida performed better in terms of phytomats and overall searches.

The United States is at the forefront of adoption

Despite the regulatory uncertainty and dazzling Infrastructure lawThe United States continues to be at the forefront of cryptocurrency adoption, affecting key sectors of the blockchain economy. By 2020, the volume of BTC trading in the United States was higher than the trading volume of Europe, Nigeria and China. At the same time, Americans recorded $ 4.1 billion in profits from their crypto transactions. This number is higher than any other country. The United States is also the world leader in the number of phytomats. According to proof’s, 86.4% of all devices are installed in the United States.

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The success of cryptocurrencies in the United States is largely due to the status of the asset class to invest in. However, other adoption rates are not so high. In August, the binder financial comparison machine She kept The United States ranks 26th out of 27 countries in terms of the number of cryptocurrencies owned by its citizens. Emerging markets such as Southeast Asia and Latin America, which are highly dependent on money transfers – are at an all-time high.