October 21, 2021

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California.  The attackers shot the "party bus".  Two teenagers died.  "It will not be a coincidence" |  News from the world

California. The attackers shot the “party bus”. Two teenagers died. “It will not be a coincidence” | News from the world

And in Oakland, a few minutes from San Francisco, an attack on the “party bus” took place. The attackers fired about 70 bullets from firearms. As the police noted, these magazines were high-powered weapons that were banned in several states.

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Limiting access to weapons works

Bus buses are usually safe. Suddenly, a person, perhaps two attackers, appeared, and made him a target. They appeared intentionally. The local police chief said the weapons they used were designed to inflict serious casualties in death.

According to information from the services, the two victims are 16-year-old Zoe Hughes and 19-year-old Thurston, a Leishia. One teenager died on the spot, and the other was hospitalized. Five young women were injured.

police It is believed that the attack was not accidental. At the same time, there is also an investigation into another incident in Auckland – the attacker in the vehicle was supposed to shoot. On So far It is not known if someone was affected by the second attack or if the events were related.

Participants in the game returned from San Francisco to Oakland. Eyewitnesses claim that the reaction of the bus driver, who quickly left the place and called for help, saved many people.

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