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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has a bad story campaign. Personally, I’m disappointed

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has a bad story campaign.  Personally, I'm disappointed

From a casual player’s point of view, the second half of the previous decade for the Call of Duty series was minimal. First, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Call of Duty: Black Ops III and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare were first brought to the market. Then we got a fairly decent Call of Duty: WWII, to focus next on the tragically designed Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, which focuses on battle royale gameplay, rather than a fictional campaign, which actually didn’t exist at all. .

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, released at the end of 2019, brought some life to the series. The production featured an incredibly fun shooting system and a fantasy campaign that pushed you to the seat in terms of graphics, plot, and overall artistic aspect. Reviews were very positive and it is said that CoD fans’ thirst for this particular shooter was satisfied with this title.

After this well-prepared modern warfare from 2019, I was hoping that Infinite Ward would not rest on its laurels and would also contribute to a complete continuation of the story. This part first came out a few days ago and unfortunately, but for me personally, this part let me down along the way. And seeing player reviews on game forums or even on Steam (where only 55% of reviews out of nearly 50,000 are positive), you’re not the only one who received the story campaign negatively in Modern Warfare 2.

bad start…

Starting from the beginning, I have Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 for PC. This made a bad impression on me, because right after starting the game via the app, I couldn’t log into the servers. Only disabling the firewall helped. It’s still a piece of cake compared to the number of graphic crafts (poorly distributed decorations, often a different color) that appeared on screen during the first two missions.

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The gameplay was so challenging that enjoying this adventure was a chore and instead of focusing on the story or the most realistic encounters (played on difficulty level: Maven), I tried to turn a blind eye to the graphic artifacts. Finally, after a few hours of researching the reason for this, it turned out that my RAM bones don’t like this app very much and I had to turn off XMP technology, which allows to take advantage of said RAM “power”. Of course, the dice are not damaged, because all other games work normally. It’s just that the title was not optimized for my unit, which, however, is unacceptable to me when such a large publisher is preparing for such a massive market shoot.

Open Websites Cause Worst Graphic Design?

Modern Warfare 2 Dark Water

Aside from the problem of graphical bugs – caused by very poor optimization, because we could be talking about unstable frames per second or constant recharging of better textures when we look at them through, say, a sniper rifle scope – everywhere (not counting) The sequence is in Amsterdam, which is really impressive) smells of the previous generation of consoles. Even at high graphics settings and 1440p resolution, after looking closely at objects like rocks, leaves or sand, you can easily see how nice this production looks in terms of setting.

In my opinion, the level of decorations in Modern Warfare 2’s story campaign is pretty low, and some elements – like door handles – deliver PlayStation 3 quality. In terms of graphics quality, the massive story presented in Black Ops is presented much better in that aspect – the Cold War. What is the problem? I think Infinity Ward hasn’t quite adapted to setting up more open locations, as there are too many items to offer – so we’ve had to compromise in some aspects, Hence, after looking at the rocks in the first mission, where we’re controlling Ghost, we can feel as if we’ve launched a modified version of the Modern Warfare 2 campaign.

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This isn’t Modern Warfare 2, which I haven’t done anything about

Modern Warfare 2 Gas

Being already in the mission structures, you can seamlessly transition to the very side of the story. Compared to the more expansive arcade Modern Warfare from 2019, Modern Warfare 2 loses a lot in pace of action with more expansive locations. In my opinion, the levels where we have to play crafts and explore different alleys and buildings in search of materials were also tragic. MW has been known for the war that you can feel first hand (for example, smashing a convoy in the desert while helping Farah and her brother), controversy while storming buildings, showing the subject from the dark side (the streets of Farah’s hometown), lots of twists, and a fun shooting model. …what is left of it in MW2? Just a nice shooting model.

In continuation to Task Force 141’s story, I missed exactly those twists where the whole story is turned upside down. Where were the memorable moments, such as the death of the main characters or the loss of crazy and unpredictable opponents? The latter actually fell tragically in MW2, it was small and personally I didn’t feel the need to defend this virtual world against the imminent threat. And the shepherd? Well… fans of the original in the case of this production would not feel any hatred towards it.

Of course, the multiplayer mode is much better than the Modern Warfare 2 story campaign, but here is the advantage of the aforementioned shooting system, which rewards intelligence, shooting skills and patience. That’s why we have a lot of modes at our disposal, so we can’t talk about boredom and a lack of variety. However, the story in MW2 is so nice that I will remember it as poorly as it did in Infinite Warfare. I’m disappointed and keep my fingers crossed because Makarov (those who don’t know, see the secret end of the MW2 campaign) in MW3 had bigger balls than Hasan or Valeria.

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