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Camille Grosicki may leave Pogoń Szczecin. Foreign Football Transfers

Camille Grosicki may leave Pogoń Szczecin.  Foreign Football Transfers

After several years of adventure behind the border polishing Kamel Grosky He returned to the top of the league. In the summer of last year, the 34-year-old joined the ranks of Pogoń Szczecin and proved that he is still a Polish leader. Leagues. Last season attacker He participated in 27 matches in all competitions, scoring nine goals and seven assists.

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Grosicki reveals his plans for the future. “I’m after the first conversations”

Will Groske change the club before the World Cup? The financial aspect is important.

anyway a necklace The 34-year-old’s current employer is in effect until the end of June 2023, and there is already a lot of talk about his potential move. Recently, about Grosicki’s future Bogon Szczecin Disclosed Matthew Borek. – As far as I can see, he has such a promise that if a good show comes out today, which is good for him, Pogoń can leave this window. There are talks outside – Borek said in a program on the sports channel.

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This information was also confirmed by Łukasz Wiśniowski in the program “Let’s talk about the ball” on the channel. on YouTube. The journalist admitted to the channels “Canal + Sport” and “Foot Trucka” that if Grosicki was offered a lucrative contract, he might decide to change club In the near future. The financial aspect will certainly be an important thing. Kamel will pay attention to this for obvious reasons – Wiśniowski admitted.

The decision may also be influenced by the fact that the 34-year-old dreams of winning the championship with the club. In the past season This art did not come true. Pogoń Szczecin has been a leader for a long time Premier LeagueAt the end of the tournament, however, she began to perform poorly. They took advantage of the team’s stumble Why Poznan And the Raku Shestochova. It was these teams that fought for victory in the league almost until the last round. In contrast, the charges Costa Rungic They took third place, which, according to journalists, did not please Grosky.

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– You can watch the fire associated with the desire to win the championship. He talks to the youth and says: “But what is the third place for you? Third place? Come on, you should be Perfects“And then you go down in history. Another thing is that Chase, there’s no trophy in the display case,” continued Wiśniowski.

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Grosicki aroused the interest of foreign clubs for several months. Earlier this year, it was said that there are people willing to contract Poland representative It is French Lorient. However, the 34-year-old decided to stay in the team. The media also reported a possible move to the United States, where interest in the player was expressed by many clubs from the MLS, including. Inter Miami. in Transfer Grosicki’s agent still thought outside Poland, Daniel Kanevsky.

– I think Camille will still play in a nice foreign club. It is not said that it will happen next season. At the moment, he has a contract with Pogoń to be executed. The club needs him, but what will happen in the future? We’ll see in some time – Kaniewski confirmed a few weeks ago.

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