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Can electric cars be more harmful than diesel? Toyota reveals shocking search results!

Can electric cars be more harmful than diesel?  Toyota reveals shocking search results!

Experts predict that the future of the auto industry is purely electric. When someone tries to suggest an alternative solution, a shriek immediately arises. The world’s largest car manufacturer, Toyota, does nothing about it, they don’t think only of using electricity. Not only that, it is not excluded that it is worse on the climate than diesel!

Especially Volkswagen President Herbert Diess worried a lot reacts vigorously For any idea of ​​the effect, such as hydrogen in passenger cars. In his opinion the only option is battery electric vehicles (BEV). General Motors and Honda have believed it and by 2040 they want to offer only battery-powered cars. At the annual meeting of Toyota shareholders, the question was raised why this brand does not fit into the current trend.

Diesel is no worse than electric?

‘It is too early to focus on one option’ Saeed Shigeki Terashi, Vice President of Toyota Motor Corporation. He said that by 2050, when most countries prepare to become climate neutral, there will be more options to choose from. Electricians, hybrids and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have to compete with each other. Moreover, according to some studies, the materials needed to produce electric cars and batteries create a massive carbon footprint. As a result, it can account for a greater share of total harmful vehicle emissions than diesel emits.

Shigeki Terashi, ToyotaShigeki Terashi: When looking at reducing carbon emissions, there is one school of thought that says we should focus on battery-powered vehicles. However, taking into account emissions related to production, use and scrapping, we choose to consider the entire life cycle.

clean economy

Toyota has another problem with the switch to electric cars. These are purely economic factors related to the lack of demand. This is due to the lack of practicality of electric cars, which, above all, take a long time to charge. “Some people like battery-powered cars, but others just don’t find the current technology relevant.” Toyota technical director Masahiko Maeda said. “In the end, what matters is what customers choose” And he added, this appears to be a major statement.

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