October 18, 2021

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Canada suspends use of AstraZeneca vaccine for 55 years, seeks new analysis – Money Times

No lawsuit has been reported in Canada alleging use of 307,000 doses of Astrogenogen (Image: REUTERS / Fabian Bimmer)

Health officials Canada On Monday they announced they would stop applying Vaccine Gives Astrogenogen Against one Govit-19 For those under 55, who will request a new analysis of the benefits and risks of immunization according to age and gender.

This action occurs after the reports Europe Rare, but severe, blood clots, hemorrhage and in some cases, death after vaccination, especially in young women.

No case has been reported in Canada that has already used 307,000 doses of AstraZeneca.

“We will suspend the use of the estrogen vaccine for adults under the age of 55 and expect a comprehensive analysis of the risks and benefits,” Howard Noo, deputy managing director for public health, told the Associated Press.

Enju later pointed out that Canada was taking this “prudent” approach because of the availability of other vaccines. Most of Canada’s vaccines come from Pfizer and Moderna.

The National Immunization Advisory Council (NACI), a group of independent experts, said the rate at which frostbite appeared was still unclear.

So far, 40% of those who developed it have died, but the organization says that percentage could drop as more cases are identified and treated early.

“What we do know at this stage is that there is considerable uncertainty about the effectiveness of administering the astrogenic vaccine against Covit-19 to adults under the age of 55,” the board recommended in writing. Elderly people are at higher risk of hospitalization and death from Covit-19, and these complications are very rare in this age group, the NACI added, adding that the group could get the vaccine “with informed consent”.

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