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Cancer doesn’t like that. What do you do to overcome it? Straight health

Cancer doesn't like that.  What do you do to overcome it?  Straight health

Do you have troublesome symptoms? Feeling worse than usual? you noticed skin changes Or did you feel a tumor in your body? Do not hesitate, contact your primary care physician (POZ), to remind the patient service at

How will the general practitioner help?

The primary care physician, after collecting the medical history, may recommend further diagnostics toward the detection of malignancy. During the visit, you will receive a Diagnostic and Oncology Card (DiLO for short) from the doctor, which also serves as a referral for further tests and possible treatment.

DiLO Card:

  • It is also called a green card, and you are entitled to use the so-called rapid diagnosis and treatment of malignant tumors – the oncology package,
  • as a referral for research,
  • owned by the patient,
  • It consists of two pages where doctors put all the information about the course of diagnosis and treatment.

A DiLO Card may be issued if cancer is suspected or confirmed by a physician (POZ), a physician in a specialized outpatient care clinic (AOS), a physician working in a hospital. It can only be issued by the attending physician in a private clinic.

What do you do if you get a DiLO card?

After receiving a DiLO Card, you go to a specialist recommended by your primary care physician in an outpatient care setting or in a hospital. Check if the chosen facility has an implementation contract signed with the National Health Fund Oncology package. Lists of collaborating institutions within the package can be found on the individual pages of the district branches of the National Trust for Health. No more than 28 days should pass from the moment of contacting the specialist doctor to receive a diagnosis – confirmation or exclusion of cancer.

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